Week of 8/12: Half Marathon Training

So, um, I think I’m training for a half marathon. After deciding to do one in September, then deciding to not do one in September, I’ve decided I’m going to be sad/jealous when they run the Newport Liberty Half Marathon 0n 9/23 in my own city if I don’t at least try. So, I think I’m training for a half marathon.

Yeah. I have 7 weeks. My longest run this summer (before this week) has been 7 miles. This should be interesting. I’m not racing it for time. I just really want to sign up so that when I see a million Facebook posts/pics and all those road closures and trashed Gatorade cups all over the city, I won’t have a mental breakdown. True Life: I get jealous of runners.

Really, it was the price that did it for me. $40 is just too good to pass up, so I looked up what a training plan would be like, and it seems manageable. I don’t think it’s going to fully prepare me, but I’m hoping to call on past experiences and internal grit (ha!) to get through it.

The schedule for this week (based off my time in the last half) was supposed to look like this:

  • Monday- Easy 2 miles @ 12:48
  • Tuesday- Rest/Yoga
  • Wednesday- Tempo Run: 5 miles with 3 miles at 11:09
  • Thursday- Easy 2 miles @ 12:48
  • Friday- Rest
  • Saturday- 8 miles @ 12:48
  • Sunday- Rest

And here’s how it played out:

Monday- Easy 2 miles @ 9:45. I usually disregard the suggested times for my easy runs and just run what feels good, but I’m thinking of pulling back a little so I don’t burn out. Going from basically 0 to half marathon in 7 weeks seems like a recipe for injuries for me if I’m not careful.

Tuesday- Easy 3 miles @ 10:11. I wanted to run with Debbie, so I moved Thursday’s run to Tuesday and I’ll move Wednesday’s run to Thursday. It’s all so confusing. Anyway, Tuesday night was supposed to be free outdoor yoga night, but it was mysteriously cancelled, so I did two yoga podcasts I found on the Apple TV. One was yoga for runners; the other was a short hip openers sequence. Afterwards, I foam rolled for about 15 minutes. I’m thinking that if I’m going to ask my body to be ready  in 7 weeks, I should probably be nice to it.

Wednesday- rest day.  I rested while enjoying a really cute and fun night out at an indie movie.

Thursday- Tempo Run. My Garmin doesn’t get the greatest signal on my typical running route, so it’s really hard to gauge these tempo runs. Still, we did this run too fast. Our tempo pace was supposed to be 10:12, and our average pace (including warm up and cool down) came out to 10:11. Too fast.

  1.  10:36
  2. 10:59
  3. 9:41
  4. 8:34
  5. 11:00

I wish I could give you a screenshot of those splits rather than that mess, but I still don’t know how to use a Mac after 4 years, so you get what you get. I don’t think our second mile was really that slow. I’m happy with the third mile, but the fourth was too fast. We really had a lot of fun on this run. Both Chris and I get a little nervous about tempo runs so I’m so glad that our first went off without a hitch.

Friday- rest day! I got to enjoy a really nice date night with my honey which included delicious tofu pad thai as well as chocolate peanut butter ice cream from Toricos. I’m sort of an expert in carbing up.

Saturday- 8 miles @ 11:10. Faster than prescribed, but it felt good, and we were able to talk comfortably the whole time, so I’m ok with it. Despite being out the door by 7:30, the humidity was unbearable, which made for a sticky run, but both Chris and I felt surprisingly good on our longest run since probably April. After our run, I rushed to a Barre class in Hoboken (review coming soon!), which was almost certainly a mistake given my tired legs, but I’m glad I tried it.

Sunday- 8 miles biked. Oh boy. Between the run and the Barre, I had to use my arms to lift myself out of bed. My legs were not really happy with me, but it was a beautiful day, and I was hoping a nice bike ride would help flush out some soreness.

Overall, it was a good start to the training plan. We were able to fit in all of our scheduled runs plus some fun non-running stuff. So far, I like this approach.

in total:

  • 18 miles run
  • 8 miles biked
  • 1 hour of Barre
  • 1/2 hour of yoga



13 thoughts on “Week of 8/12: Half Marathon Training

  1. I think your plan sounds great….and it looks like too great of a race to pass up! And tofu pad thai plus chocolate peanut butter ice cream sounds like just about the best dinner/dessert combo ever!

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