On the Horizon

Things are so busy right now (when are they not?). It makes me want to nap all day

but, I have a lot of really fun stuff to look forward to these days. I’m feeling so blessed right now, and, while I usually wait to share good times until after the fact, I figured it’d be a fun pick-me-up activity to remind myself of all the cool stuff that’s about to happen. I think it will be good to focus on this when I start to get burnt out.

We’re going to Germany! Chris and I leave next week, and we’re so, so excited! It’s the last wedding of the season for us, so obviously we’re doing it big. Actually, it just worked out that way, of course, but it’s fun to pretend that we scheduled an international adventure to wrap up our year of wedding travels. Our adorable friends moved to Germany in April, and we haven’t seen them since! Not only are we so excited to be a part of their wedding in Frankfurt, but we’re staying for the week and visiting Berlin too! I’m really excited because I probably wouldn’t have ever though to visit Berlin, but every time I mention that I’m going, people have such wonderful things to say.

Don’t worry, the monsters have a cat sitter coming to stay with them, which should be a nice break from them sitting on us.


We’re moving! I guess this is something that’s normally more stressful than exciting, but I’m trying to focus on the good here. We’re only really moving a few blocks away in the same neighborhood, so it’s not too dramatic, and the move itself should be easy. I’m really excited because Chris had almost a full year left on his lease when we moved in together, so I basically just moved into his place. Now, we get to pick a place together and really make it ours. I can’t wait! We applied for a really great apartment last night, and I’ll have my fingers perpetually crossed until we hear back. We live on the 3rd floor now, but this place would be on the 17th floor facing New York City, which is basically the most amazing thing ever. Plus, it’s right above a great Mexican restaurant. Do you think Chris will mind that I’ll never cook another meal again? Best of all, it’s bigger! It’s only bigger by about 20 square feet, but when you live in a city, 20 square feet is the difference between this


and this


Living large. Also, please don’t feel bad for these jerks. They have two beds, but they choose to sleep in garbage and dirty laundry because they’re dopes.

Our lease doesn’t expire until October 31, but we’d like to get everything squared away before we leave, so I’m really hoping we can work it all out.

My sister might be moving 5 hours closer to me!! As it stands, my mom and littlest sister live about 12 hours away in South Carolina, and my middle sister lives 9 hours away in North Carolina. I love my family, so seeing them only 2-3 times a year sort of breaks my heart. My sister got a job offer in Maryland, and she’s still debating, but if she took it, she’d only be 4 hours away! 4 hours! I could visit her every weekend! Wouldn’t that be fun??? Annie, please don’t let that sway you. I probably won’t come EVERY weekend. Maybe just like every other. Plus, I swear I’m a much neater house guest than this slob

I applied for a promotion at work. Yes, we have to apply for promotions at my job. It’s weird because you have to submit a resume and application and actually interview, but it’s also nice because you don’t have to worry about not being noticed or passed over by biased bosses. All my bosses are really wonderful and appreciative of my work, but I know that’s not always the case, so the opportunity to showcase your skills is kind of a perk. I mean, I work a lot harder than some people I know


He doesn’t even have any files open! And, by the way, he’s at the vet, I love my cats, but I definitely don’t bring them to my job.

I’m nervous but optimistic, so please think happy thoughts for me.

So, I think that’s all for now, but honestly that’s quite enough to keep me going. Like I said, I feel so very blessed to have such wonderful things coming up. I’ll deal with any stress and lack of sleep in return for all this, and I’ll even do it with a smile.



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