Newport Liberty Half Training Week 3

Catching up? Check out Week 1 and Week 2!

Here’s how it was supposed to go down:

  • speed work 4 miles inc warm; 2 x 1600 @ 10:28 w/800 jogs; cool
  • easy 2 miles @ 12:40
  • tempo 5 miles inc warm; 3 miles @ 11:01; cool
  • easy 2 miles @ 12:40
  • long 10 miles @ 12:40
  • total: 23 miles

and here’s what happened:

Monday- 3 miles; 800 warm up, 1600 @ 10, 800 recover, 1600 @ 10. A good, solid run.  I didn’t have time for the cool down mile, so I skipped it.

Tuesday- 4 early morning miles @ 9:45. I guess this was my tempo run, even though I fell a mile short again, but this run felt great. I loved it. Runs like this are why I love running.

Later that night Chris and I met up with our friends Val and Chris (everyone is named Chris) for dinner at what is quickly becoming my favorite NYC restaurant, Green Square Tavern. It’s at 21st between 5th and 6th, and it’s awesome. In addition to a stellar wine list, they are a farm to table restaurant with a menu that changes to reflect the seasonal supply. They have vegetarian and vegan options as well as more meaty fare, and their desserts are delicious. I had a kale salad, a vegan stew and a flourless chocolate cake. Oh and 1/2 a bottle of wine. It was an awesome night.

Wednesday- rest day (ya know, to recover from that wine). I went to book club at the Jersey City Beer Garden (I had one beer; I swear I’m not a total boozehound) to discuss Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. While I did get some lovely insights into the book we spent most of our time talking about apartments (since I mentioned I was on the hunt), travel and weddings. Oh the weddings. Every one of my cohorts (all admittedly 1-2 years older than me) is either just married or planning a wedding right now. It’s actually adorable, and it’s given me such a more well rounded view of what a wedding can be.

Thursday- 3 easyish miles @ 10:35. We weren’t loping, but we weren’t actively trying here. We tacked a mile on to the two on the schedule to make up for those we skipped, but we were also pretty tired and had an appointment to check out our potential future home that evening, so we decided on 3.

Friday- 3 miles @ 9:35. Friday was a beautiful day, so I took advantage of it with a speedy 3 miler. The best part? I ended it at the Jersey City Beer Garden with a giant Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat (twice in one week? ok, maybe I am a boozehound). There is really no better summer afternoon than a sweaty run followed by a cold beer.

Later that night, Chris and I went to New Brunswick to meet our funnest friends Steve and Lindsey for dinner while being serenaded by the worst lounge singer on the planet. Normally, I wouldn’t make fun of anyone’s musical stylings as I am deafer than tone deaf, but this guy wasn’t even trying. Just straight butchering classics all night. We had a blast walking around Rutgers, reliving our glory days. As we drove back up to Jersey City watching the clock tick past past midnight, we decided to postpone the long run we had planned for very early Saturday morning. We’d do it Sunday. Yeah. We’d definitely do it Sunday…

Saturday- rest day. I spent the morning relaxing with my honey and the afternoon back at Rutgers working with my most adorable Alpha Chi girls. They’ve got so many fun events planned for the new school year. I’m so proud of them. Remember, we were going to run on Sunday morning. We really were, so we planned on a nice quiet night at home, but…. then our sweet friends Debbie and Mike invited us to join them in the city for a Cuban food birthday celebration. Really? Who could pass that up? I’m so glad we couldn’t because it was a really good time. Our first stop was Cafe Habana on Prince Street, and it was really some of the best Cuban food I’ve ever had. It was my first time trying grilled Mexican-style corn, and it was amazing. After dinner, we got cupcakes the size of our faces (gluten free Rice Krispie treat for me!) before walking to the PATH. As we arrived back in New Jersey just in time to watch Saturday turn into Sunday, we decided a run was probably not in our immediate future once again. Shelved until Monday night.

Sunday- 5 miles biked.  Once again, we slept in, and once again I think it was the right call. I sort of regretted not running Saturday or Sunday, but I really wasn’t willing to trade any of the fun we had this weekend for miles logged. Summer is just too short (someone remind me of that when I collapse at mile um 4?).  I met my dearest friend Anastasia in the city for brunch at the Grey Dog in Union Square. The food was delicious, and they even had a few gluten free options, but they are not fond of you hanging out. It’s a very eat and go type place. No matter though, the day was beautiful, so we took advantage of it by strolling around Union Square.

Once the PATH pulled into Hoboken, I decided to walk the 3 miles home rather than stay on the train for two more stops. Chris met me halfway, and we got to walk back together. It was lovely. We took the bikes for a quick spin when we got home, and capped the night off with great friends and even more Cuban food, locally this time at Azucar in Jersey City. It was excellent. I’ll be smelling like garlic for a week, and I love it.


I find myself in a pickle with following this training plan because even my “easy” runs are faster than my suggested tempo pace. When I created it, I plugged in the time from my last half marathon (2:28:49) and that’s what the training plan gave me. I checked out times for a 2:20 half in a pace calculator and got this:

easy: 12:10 min miles

tempo: 10:12 min miles

speed work: 8:34 min miles

Basically, with tempos, we’re pretty much on track. I suppose I should make an effort to do pump up the speed work, but that 2:20 time is really only a goal in the loosest sense. Mostly, I just want to have fun and finish. My PR for the half happened last fall and it was 2:05:49. It was great, and I was happy that I was so fast (haha for me), but mostly I was just happy to be there and finish smiling. This is going to sound so cheesy, but I was at least 45xs happier when I crossed the finish line holding on to this guy

than I have ever been in any race. It was raining. We definitely didn’t break any records, but we talked and laughed the whole time and just generally had a blast. I have so much respect for people who treat races like, you know, races, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong about being proud of accomplishing something in any time. I think maybe some day I’ll pick a serious time goal and work towards it because that is a really gratifying feeling, but for now, I’m just happy being  happy. I want to finish feeling good. That’s enough for me.


13 miles run

5 miles biked

3 “extra” miles walked

way too much delicious (Cuban) food and so many drinks consumed


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