Greetings from Germany!

Well, sort of. We’re in the air right now on our way to Frankfurt, and I just wanted to say Hallo!

It’s a long flight… 8 hours. When we land, it will be Thursday morning in Germany as we’ll be 6 hours ahead of NY time. Yikes! This is my longest flight ever, but I’m choosing not to dwell on that. Instead, I’m focusing on all the fun that’s about to be had!

We’re on our way to Germany to celebrate the wedding of one of our very favorite couples. He’s a New Jersey boy, she’s from Germany. They met through work, and when it was time for her to return to Germany, he popped the question and followed her over! Now, they’ve invited family and friends (that’s us!) to check out their new home and be a part of a beautiful wedding weekend. I’m so excited. We’re packed! We’re ready! Here we come!

Truthfully, we had a less than ideal start to the day, and it was totally my fault. Here’s what went down…

I woke up early (5:45) to squeeze in some miles before work and a long night of sitting still. Chris doesn’t usually run with me in the morning, but he decided he’d like to today, so I woke him up too. I kept thinking to myself, “Things are going so smoothly!” We were both (relatively) happy about being up. We dressed, fed the cats, locked the door from the inside and walked out. Then I realized that instead of grabbing the apartment keys, I had grabbed the car key. I suck.

I felt like such a jerk. I run in the mornings twice a week, and I have never once forgotten keys. The one time both Chris and I decide to leave together, I lock us out. Don’t worry. Not like we had anything important to do today. Just flying to Germany. Chris jumped into action and ran across the street to get the door man from a building affiliated with ours (we’ll have a 24 hour doorman in the new building. thank goodness). Of course, it was a little old man probably totally ready to wrap up his night shift and go home without event. I felt so bad that he had to haul it across the street, into the leasing office and up to the third floor to let us in. But he did it with a smile. Thank goodness for kind folks.

After getting the right keys, it was already 6:25, and I had hoped to finish the run at 6:30. We scrapped our plan to do 4 miles, and just did 2 quick ones. Not ideal, but better than nothing. When we got back, I sped through my usual getting ready routine and grabbed my gigantic bag to drag to work (in New York) with me (we’re leaving from the city, so it didn’t make sense for me to come back to Jersey just to grab a bag).

With no breakfast (no time!), I dragged my 40lb bag the half a mile to the path train and down the stairs to the platform (why is there no elevator?). I pissed off everyone by squeezing into the train with my giant bag  and rode to WTC. I have never taken the elevator there, so I walked confidently in the wrong direction (as I am wont to do) until I noticed a sign directing me to the elevator which was literally on the opposite end of the platform. Once I got off the elevator on the mezzanine level, I had to walk back to the opposite side of the platform (where I started) to board a second elevator to take me to street level.

After this morning, I have so much respect (and a little bit of sadness) for the wheel chair bound and anyone pushing a stroller. Public transportation is not convenient for anyone unable to walk up stairs. Or I’m just a drama queen with a serious case of first world problems complaining about dragging my suitcase filled with clothes for an international vacation around NYC. Maybe a little of both.

Continuing on, I still had a half mile walk to my office, so I dragged my bag up the Vesey Street hill and down Broadway to my building. Luckily, I remembered you can cut through the sandwich place on ground level to avoid taking the stairs in the lobby, so I did that and wheeled the thing to my desk. All in all, it could have been worse. It was nice and cool and not raining, but it was an excursion for my fragile sensibilities (woof). Still, worth it!

We booked the tickets about a month ago, and I’ve been waiting to talk about it ever since. Here’s the plan:

Once we land, a German friend of Chris’ graciously offered to get us from the airport and take us to lunch in Frankfurt. Thank goodness for kind souls. I told Chris to apologize in advance to his friend for what is sure to be a Dramamine induced, sleep deprived Kate. Not a good look. After our lunch, it’s off to Wiesbaden to check into a hotel. The wedding will be in Wiesbaden… in a castle! Our friends are getting married in a castle!

Tomorrow will be the rehearsal dinner, Friday is the wedding (!!!) and Saturday, our friends arranged for us to all take a German vineyard tour. I cannot wait. After that, we’re spending a night in the actual city of Frankfurt to party some more with our friends, then Chris and I are off to Berlin! From Sunday-Wednesday, we’ll be exploring Berlin, which I’m told is an absolutely amazing city. We don’t have any concrete plans, but we know we want to take a tour and check out the wall.

We brought the big boy camera on this trip, so I’m hoping to share some great pictures when we get back. Until then, auf wiedersehen!

ps- every German word was most certainly Googled then copy/pasted up in here.


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