August (Summer) Wrap Up and September (Fall) Goals

Oh. Writing that made my heart sink. Summer, I’m going to miss you so, so much.

I’m still in Germany, but the months roll by whether I’m home to see them or not. So, now it’s September, which means I owe you an update on my progress for my yearly goals:

  • Complete 12 random acts of kindness– Done!
  • Pay off my car– Done!
  • Donate 24 hours of my time-10 hours in, 14 hours to go. We are rolling now! I’ve been planning and meeting with some of the lovely ladies of my sorority as they get ready to start the new school year, and I have to say, I am so freaking excited!!
  • Run 2 half marathonsRegistered for the Newport Liberty Half Marathon in Jersey City on 9/23!
  • Learn 3 new skills– 1 this month for a total of 6. It’s kind of a lame one though. I just learned how to save space on WordPress by uploading pictures on Flickr and linking to them here. Still, a skill is a skill.
  • Read 12 books– Done! I took a break from my non stop obsessive reading of  11/22/63 by Stephen King  to read this month’s book club selection, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. Both books are good, and I’ll do a full review when I finish, but 11/22/63 is the definition of a thriller. Putting this book down was so, so hard.

Miles run- 77 for a total of 444.87 for the year. 

I guess now that summer is coming to a close, it’s time to see how I measured up against my summer bucket list:

  • Explore Jersey City

  • Take a hike-moving this activity to the fall. feels more fall-like anyway.

  • Check out Groove on Grove

  • Visit the Central Park Zoo- fail.
  • Go to a Mets game- fail.
  • Run a small town 5k- fail.
  • Walk the Brooklyn Bridge- fail.
  • Bike from WTC, back to NJ over the George Washington Bridge oh we definitely did this one!

  • Dust off my passport– I’m in Germany as we speak!!

  • Watch the sunset with that favorite boy of mine

I’m really proud of us for doing as much as we did this summer. Chris and I had plans both days of basically every single weekend this year. Summer is so short in New Jersey, so you really have to make good use of it while it’s here, and I feel like we totally did this this year. Sure, there were some things we wanted to do that we missed out on, but luckily, summer will be back next year.

While I most certainly adore summer, fall is pretty much the bees knees too. In addition to carrying over that hike and catching a flick in Van Vorst park, here are some fall things I’ve got on my mind before our 8 month long winter rolls in:

  • Apple Picking
  • Applesauce makin’ and Apple Pie bakin’
  • My 1st Pumpkin Latte of the season
  • Baking pumpkin muffins
  • Drive upstate to check out the foliage and a new to us town
  • Updating my fall/winter wardrobe
  • Running the HoBOOken Halloween 5k

  • Making an amazing gluten free side dish to bring to Thanksgiving
  • Making a donation to our local food bank before Thanksgiving
  • Watching the Nightmare before Christmas
  • Running in Central Park
  • Visiting the Met

Any other suggestions for fun fall festivities??


What about you? How will you make this fall fantastic?


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