Germany… coming soon


warning: every single picture I took in Germany is crooked. must be the angle of the planet. couldn’t possibly be me.




We’re back! I haven’t had even one minute to upload and sort through the (literally) hundreds of pictures we took on vacation. I’ve been consumed with the usual back-to-reality tasks like laundry, food shopping, email answering and cuddling with two monsters who can’t decide if they’re still mad at us for leaving or happy we’re back. They alternate about 7xs a day.

Anyway, Germany was amazing. The people were so friendly. The food was delicious. The country is beautiful. The wedding of our two cutie pie friends Andy and Saskia was breathtaking and romantic and perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip.

I’ll report back fully soon (hopefully this weekend), but for now, we’re alive and well (relatively) and happy to be home again, but already missing our German friends and adventures oh so dearly.

Happy Friday!!




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