GERMANY! Wiesbaden, Wedding, Frankfurt

Germany was wonderful. Ever sight and especially every taste was amazing. The people were so friendly. The cities were beautiful. The history is powerful. The culture is fantastic.

First we made tracks out of our city via the subway and the air train to JFK before boarding Singapore Air for the 6.5 hour flight to Frankfurt.

From there, after I nearly died of jet lag (I’m not dramatic at all, I promise) Chris’ friend picked us up and showed us around Frankfurt a bit before taking us to Wiesbaden, which was about a half an hour away. We stayed in Wiesbaden for the wedding, and it was beautiful. It was a very quaint old European city.

Mainly it was the architecture that thrilled me. It was all just so old and beautiful. The town was also great. There were a ton of fun shops and restaurants, and our hotel was beautiful. I get a kick out of the little differences, so of course I took pictures of them wherever I found them.

You just don’t see negative floors in New York

I got to run in kilometers!

Does anyone know what this is? Chris laughed at me for taking a picture of this, but how often do you see conical lettuce??

After a serious 2 hour nap, we got ourselves all dolled up to head over to the rehearsal dinner which was at a very fun restaurant down the street from our hotel.

If we look sleepy, it’s because we really are. We were probably running on 3 hours of interrupted sleep over the course of 24.

The rehearsal dinner was really fun woke us right up! It was the first time since we landed that we got to see everyone, and that was very nice. There’s nothing like good friends to perk you back up. Also, there were fresh pretzels (definitely not gluten free) and lots of beer and cheese. That helps with the perking too. I was in heaven.

We got to sit and catch up with our buddies while watching a beautiful slideshow that the groom’s brother Jeff and his girlfriend Wendy put together. It was the perfect blend of silliness and romance. I think it really got everyone in the wedding spirit. We also played a funny game where the bride and groom had to guess the traits that linked certain groups of friends in the room. I had never seen that before, but it was really fun and helped all the guests get to know each other better. Very cute.

The next day, we woke up and were treated to breakfast by the bride and groom. Apparently a German breakfast spread consists of yogurt and granola, fish, meat and cheese, and lots of Nutella. Yum. I had to say goodbye to my main squeeze so he could attend to his groomsman duties, but I took advantage of my free time with a little sight seeing and a quick run at the hotel gym.

Why did I run in the gym rather than take the opportunity to run in a beautiful new city? Because I have no sense of direction and getting lost in a foreign country the same day you have to be at a wedding is not a good look. So, I stayed within my comfort zone.

Before I knew it, it was time to catch a shuttle over to the wedding! The wedding was held in a castle that had suffered some damage after WWII, but rather than being restored, had a glass roof installed. The mix of old and new materials gave the venue a really unique and beautiful feel. I loved it.

The wedding was beautiful. Every little detail was perfect and created this wonderful romantic feeling throughout the whole space. The ceremony was done in German and English and was full of personal touches and anecdotes.

My date wasn’t bad either.

We had a fun time exploring, dancing and eating our faces off.

The food was a soup, salad and small appetizer followed by the most amazing buffet of my life. There was freshly made pasta served out of a parmesan wheel (!!), two types of fish, tons of wonderfully cooked veggies and other yumminess that I’m sure I’m forgetting. So good.

It was a great night. I called it a quits around 1:30 because I’m an old man, but the real animals kept the party going until almost 5 am. Surprisingly, everyone made it to brunch the next morning… some looking fresher than others ; )

After our breakfast we packed up and headed to the train station to make our way to Frankfurt for our second (and briefest) stop on our tour of Germany! Navigating the train system was really easy actually, and we made it to Frankfurt in about an hour. Once there, we quickly dropped our stuff at the new hotel before finding the closest lunch place possible because we were starving!

Luckily, the biergarten we stumbled upon was so fun. The food was delicious, and they made their own beer on site! Our waiter was so friendly and helpful in explaining the menu options to us, and he even gave us a free stein on the way out! Very cool. Unfortunately, we didn’t explore Frankfurt too much as we were pretty exhausted from the night before. Eventually, we met up with our newly married friends to tour their adorable apartment before they took everyone out for tapas. The place was able to seat all 25 of us at the same huge table where we ate, laughed and drank too much wine until about 1 in the morning.

Needless to say, Chris and I absolutely collapsed in our hotel room as soon as we got back. We had big plans for the next day as we had to be up bright and early to catch the train to Berlin…


More on that soon!


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