So, where did we leave off? Oh yeah! Chris and I had just finished our adventures in Frankfurt and were on our way to Berlin!

We checked the weather the night before and found that things were looking outstanding for our stay in Berlin

Newlywedded Andy was kind enough to drop us at the train station so we could make our 8am train to Berlin.

We spent the next 4 hours traveling through the gorgeous German countryside.

I was so proud of myself for bringing printed directions to our hotel, and I proudly told Chris it was only a 7 minute walk! So, we decided to hoof it with our bags. Only… I printed the driving directions, so two miles and about half an hour later, we finally got to our hotel a little tired and a lot hungry. At least we got to see a whole bunch of the city, right??

We checked into our hotel (which we absolutely loved) and quickly headed downstairs to the Thai restaurant across the street where we got to watch a caravan of guys on a large bicycle bar pedal by while getting very drunk

We explored a little around our hotel and saw some fun sights

After a delicious Italian dinner, we called it a night and slept very soundly for the first time in a long time.

Waking up fresh and ready for the day, we walked down to Brandenburg Gate to meet up with our tour group and really get to see the city.

The walking tour was 3.5 hours long, so we got to see A LOT of Berlin.

We even got to see the hotel where Michael Jackson famously dangled his baby over the balcony to surrounding paparazzi. Remember that craziness?

Probably the most amazing stop on the tour was the Holocaust Memorial. It was so uniquely designed and powerful.

We couldn’t visit Berlin without seeing The Wall.

We toured and learned the history of the some of the older parts of Berlin as well.

There were more than a few remnants of the former communist regime in East Berlin to check out too.

After the tour, we had a much better feel for the layout of the city, and were more comfortable walking around and exploring after dark

Requisite Fro Yo stop after literally hours of walking

One of my favorite things about Berlin were their unique traffic lamp men.

I wish we had those guys!

On our last day, we decided to leave the city for some more exploring and caught a train to Charlottenburg Palace and Gardens

They were massive and so beautifully well maintained.

We wrapped up our last day by returning to the city for a 4 mile run through Tiergarten Park along the Spree River.

Sadly, that was it for us in Berlin. We caught a bus to the airport early the next morning just as the rain began, and flew the long 8.5 hours home to NYC. Berlin, we love you. We’ll miss you.


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