Newport Liberty Half Training Week 6

Last real week of training before Half Marathon Week! Check out Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Weeks 4 & 5

The week’s plan called for:

  • 3 @ 12:32
  • 6; inc warm; 3X1600 @ 10:16 w 800 jogs; cool
  • 2 @ 12:32
  • 10 @ 12:32
  • total: 21

and looked like this:

Monday- rest day. This was possibly the most beautiful day of the year so far. I planned on running, but I was not feeling it. I didn’t get home for the day until 6:30 (I’m such a baby, I know, but that’s a long day for me) and I was spent. Chris decided he could not sit inside on such a gorgeous day, so he went and did 3 miles on his own. I’m always so happy when he does that because it makes me feel like he really does like this running thing. He’s not just doing it for me (I’m also an egomaniac, I know). Anyway, I rested. I remembered the days when I would have felt really guilty about skipping a run, and felt sad that I wasted even one minute of my life being so hard on myself, but then I reveled in the glory of the rest. It was beautiful.

Tuesday- 3.7 miles @ 9:10. My first solo run in a long time went very well except that I got lost and ran an extra .7 miles. I didn’t really get lost, but I just kept making these little detours and didn’t think to turn around earlier. Oh well. My mind was full of thoughts and my heart was a bit heavy.

It was dark when I woke up, and stayed dark when I headed out. I didn’t really want to run, but I wanted the peace that comes with a good morning run. I figured I’d need it that day. I ran to the waterfront and got to see the new World Trade Center all lit up in red, white and blue before the sun came up. I got choked up. I wasn’t expecting it, but I did. I stopped. I took a picture. I instagrammed it.

I remember so viscerally how I felt that day. Mostly, I just remember being unable to make sense of any of it. I’m still not able to really, but I think I have found some peace. I love this city so much it makes my heart hurt sometimes.

I ran and ran and ran and passed news crews and people taking pictures and other runners, but I felt very much alone. I passed a police officer practicing the bag pipes for a morning ceremony and teared up again. I ran faster home and kissed both cats. I hugged Chris (who thankfully had not yet showered for the day) for a minute longer than usual and told him I loved him very much.

My heart breaks for those who said good bye to their loved ones 11 years ago not knowing it would be the last time they ever got to say good bye. It reminded me to remind those around me how much I love them every single day.

It was a good run.

Wednesday- 5 miles @ 10:45 with mah man. Just a beautiful run. We weren’t feeling 6, so we did 5. The weather was glorious. I felt like I was running with a lead vest for the first half (Wednesdays are when the wear and tear of the work week really hit me) but I was happy to be out there with Chris. Days like Wednesday I’m so thankful that we run together. It’s been a busy week, and it was nice not to have to choose between catching up with Chris and putting some miles behind me. We talked and laughed and sweated and came home and collapsed. It was a good night.

Thursday- no miles. It feels wrong to say “rest day” because I most certainly did not rest. I, in fact, worked 9 hours, met my dearest friend Judy for delicious Mexican food in Hoboken, and then drove us both to Central Jersey (her home, me to New Brunswick).

I had to be at Rutgers at 9pm for an event with my beautiful, amazing Alpha Chi girls. This was only slightly a problem as I am usually asleep (not in bed, not falling asleep, in dreamland) by 10:15. I got to the sorority house to find that the women had set up an absolutely awesome recruitment party and looked amazing to boot. I had been wearing work clothes since 7am, so I’m sure the girls thought, “Who is this crazy person who has wandered in off the streets?” But they were nice enough not to say it. I casually asked, “How long do you think this event will last?” hoping they’d say, “15 minutes.” They said, “We usually go until around 10:30, 11ish.” I almost cried.

Luckily, the event went perfectly. The girls were great hostesses, and they got to meet a lot of wonderful Rutgers women as well. Unluckily, I found myself walking in the door of my apartment at 12:15. That’s an entirely new day. It’s absurd. I couldn’t fall asleep until around 12:45. I’ve been an old lady since I was 15, and have no shame saying that staying up that far past my bed time was terrible. I love the Alpha Chis, but that was rough. Somebody call the waaaambulance.

Friday- 3 miles @ 10:45. I’m patting myself on the back for these because even I was impressed by myself for making it out of bed after a mere 5 hours of sleep (I’m a 7-9 hrs girl). My dauntless running buddy Debbie texted me the night before telling me I could back out if I needed to, but they way I saw it, I wanted to sleep until 10, not 7, so waking up at 5:45 wasn’t that much more of a compromise. I was hoping the run would give me a little boost of energy to carry me at least through the morning, and I was basically right. They weren’t great miles, but I was glad I did them.

Saturday- biked 10 miles. Actually, studied 3 hours was the real accomplishment of the day. I’ve been out of school for 3 years, so parking it with a book (and a coffee) in hand for that long was tough. The CIA exam (for auditors, not as cool as it sounds)  has no idea what’s coming for it! Anyway, Chris suggested a bike ride, and it sounded nice, and it was.

Sunday- ran 10 miles @ 11:27. This is the run you want to lead off with as you go into Half Marathon Week. We got over our 8 mile hump from last week and came in under goal. We’re still 21 seconds off of race goal pace, but you don’t train at race pace, so I’m cool with that. Also, we did not one type of speedwork this whole training session, so if I don’t finish in the predicted 2:25:33, I’ve got no one to blame but myself.

We got the clothing and the fueling (4 Gu Chomps at 45 min, 2 every 30 mins after that) down. Hydration was a problem, but I’m hoping the water stops (no water until mile 3, then try and coordinate water stops with Gu consumption) will solve that.

Overall, I’m really excited for the race. I think I’d feel more prepared having run 11 or 12 miles, but I also didn’t think I’d feel this good right now when I decided to do this 7 weeks ago. I’m glad I decided to do this race. It gave a purpose to the end of my summer (yes, all seasons must have focus) and I know I would have regretted not at least trying. Every runner I know and they daddy (literally my running buddy’s father) is doing this race, and I can’t miss out on that. Party at Newport!!!

total miles: 21.7. Sweet.


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