Newport Liberty Half Training- Race Week!!

It’s race week!! If you’re catching up, here’s week 1, week 2, week 3, weeks 4 & 5 and week 6.

This week was supposed to look like this:

  • 3 miles @ 12:28
  • 3 miles @ 12:28
  • 4 miles inc warm; 2 x 1600 in 10:13 with 800 jogs; cool
  • HALF MARATHON 13.1 miles @ 11:06 Time: 2:25:33

And here’s how it went down:

Monday- 30 minutes of yoga;20 minutes foam rolling. Despite running 10 miles the day before, I actually felt really good. I contemplating running but decided it would be stupid to risk hurting myself during Race Week!! so I didn’t.

Tuesday- 4 miles @ 10:20. Gosh these were tough miles. I woke up in the very, very dark and met Debbie for our planned 4 miler. A little storm was brewing and the sky was looking mighty purple. All this made for a pretty creepy first half of the run. We like to run all the piers along our route, but each time we turned down one, we were greeted with hurricane force (maybe I’m exaggerating, but that’s what it felt like) winds and slap-ya-in-the-face rain.

that’s a lot of piers

It was unpleasant. I walked back in my apartment looking like a drowned rat and Chris said, “You guys ran in that? You’re crazy.” It’s true, we are, but, as always, I was glad I ran. The pace was not ideal, but neither were the conditions, so I guess it evens out.

Later in the day I did 60 minutes of yoga thanks to finally cashing in my Living Social deal for 2 months of unlimited classes. I bought the deal way back in March and it was set to expire this Sunday, so it was about time I got around to it. The yoga studio, Sun Moon Yoga, was really cute. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve taken yoga in a studio (usually, I just did it at the gym or outdoors) and I really liked it. The class was nice and small, maybe 10 people, and the instructor was great. It was vinyasa flow that definitely kept me on my toes (sometimes literally) as we were pretty much always changing positions. Surprisingly, despite the constant movement, I actually found this to be one of the most relaxing yoga classes I’ve ever taken. I left feeling more stretchy and so much calmer. It was just what I needed during Race Week!!

Wednesday3 hours of gardening followed by 3 miles @ 9:40ish. Yep. Gardening. My company offers employees the opportunity to participate in service projects on or around September 11th every year. There are a few different options, and you can select any or none. This was my first year participating, and I picked a gardening project at Snug Harbor in Staten Island. We helped weed and clean up their botanical garden, and it was a lot of fun. It was a  beautiful day, so it was so nice to be outside, but I’m listing it above because it was hard work!

Pulling weeds, raking, and the like is no joke. My legs were burning the next day.

Luckily, I felt tired but otherwise good when I got home, and since it was still early, I set out on 3 solo miles. It was good, but I guess I’ve gotten very used to running with a buddy because I was a little lonesome. I had my Pandora to keep me company, but I think my pace was speedy (for me) because I was a little antsy to get it over with.

I celebrated my day of hard labor (hah!) with my book club ladies and a very strong IPA  at the Biergarten while we discussed the book I did not enjoy… turns out I was not alone. Lots of strong opinions about that one.

Thursday- last 3 training miles @ 10:30ish with my best running buddy!! Chris and I had a hard time getting our schedules to match up this week. By the time he was home from work,  I was on my way out the door for something else, but we both really wanted to do our last training run together. Thursday, he actually beat me home after I made a pit stop at the local Goodwill store to pick up some cheap sweatshirts to wear and toss on race day (3 for $7.50!!).

In case you don’t know, it’s common practice for races that start in cold weather to wear sweats you don’t mind losing (either old stuff of yours or cheap finds). That way you can stand in your corral feeling warm and toasty and toss off your sweats when you start running without having to worry about finding it after the race. Don’t worry, most races collect the gear, wash it and donate it. Therefore, by buying it from Goodwill, I got to throw a little money their way and they’ll most likely get the items back anyway! Win win.

I picked up an extra sweater for my other adorable running partner, Debbie. We’re all cat owners (duh), so I was seriously hoping to find some amazing cat lady sweaters, but no such luck. I walked away with two pastel fleeces and one UDel hoodie. Guess which one Chris is wearing.

Once home, Chris and I ran three lovely miles together in chilly, overcast weather. It was oh so nice to catch up with him (even if he did spend most of the run lamenting the new iOS switch to Apple Maps). In all seriousness, it had been a rough day on top of a rough week for both of us, and spending 30 distraction-less minutes just talking to him was wonderful.

Friday- rest day. To celebrate the end of our half marathon training we went to dinner with our neighbors Debbie and Mike. After two failed attempts (2 hour waits in Jersey City??) we settled on More for a delicious dinner.


and followed that up with chocolates and wine. All told, a good night if you ask me.

Saturday- rest day. I spent Saturday totally relaxed. I used the morning to study for my professional exam at Brewshot (quickly becoming my favorite local spot) with Debbie, but once the online exams became unavailable (stupid “Server Error”) I abandoned ship and ran some errands instead.


Later that day, I met up with some of the other girls running the half marathon to say good luck before throwing my own little pasta party for Chris and me.


Sunday- 13.1 miles @ 11:12! More to come soon…

Total miles for the week: 23.1

Total miles this training plan: 122.1




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