Worst first

We’ll start with the worst first today.

I got a flu shot yesterday, so I’m feeling a little less than stellar today. Still, I managed to pull myself out of bed, shower and blow dry my hair. Generally, I just blow dry it the night before and quick straighten it in the morning, but I was hoping a little extra effort might make me feel a little less sick. Don’t worry, I wasn’t alone, Miles kept me company the whole time.

I’m not sure why he looks like raw chicken (or why he curls his tail like that? modesty?) in that picture, but that was my view the whole  time. And, yes, it’s that dark as I’m getting ready. It’s terrible.

Anyway, I looked sort of decent and was dressed for cool weather. I was not, however, dressed for rain. I ignored the threat, and I paid the price. My rain boots and jacket were warm and snug in the coat closet while I got thoroughly and completely soaked.

Thank goodness Chris brought an umbrella as the torrential downpour began when we were just far enough from our apartment that it didn’t make sense to run back. The boy is a genius; that’s why I love him so much. We shared one, and I walked him to work so I could take his umbrella for the rest of my commute. I still had half a mile to go, and it was bad. I got to work soaked. My shoes fared worst of all.

Yep, right in the trash. My favorite (only) black flats. Thank goodness also for extra shoes at work. This is not just me being dramatic (for once). They were unsalvagable. I’m super cheap, and trust me, if I could have saved them I would.

Proof that I am cheap: those flats were on their last leg and getting grimy, so I washed them inside and out with soap and water and let them dry for three days to extend their little life. This was the first day I wore them, and it turns out, I didn’t rinse all the soap out, so when they got wet in the rain, soap bubbles foamed out of my shoes and left a trail my whole way to work. Yes, people stared. Yes, it was embarrassing, but I was too mad to care.

Then I broke my work phone. We got them yesterday. They went active today. I locked myself out of the voicemail system in the first twenty minutes. I called the help desk (from another phone) and he told me I set a new record.

Luckily, it’s Friday, and I’ve got a lot of fun coming my way. My middlest sister is coming to visit me on Saturday, and I cannot freaking wait! We’ve got some fun stuff planned, so even today’s awful weather isn’t getting me down.

It’s been a fun week too. Tuesday I got to hang out with my adorable friend Jennifer who’s boyfriend is in China for a month! We don’t get to see each other enough, so it was really great to have a just the ladies catch up.

We met by Times Square (ever heard of it??) at a very good Italian place called Trattoria Trecolori. I didn’t realize it was quite so in Times Square, so I got a little nervous, but the food was yummy and the server was so helpful. We basically worked together to create a dish.

Fish (some white fish who’s name escapes me) in a puttanesca sauce over sauteed broccoli rabe. Delicious.

Wednesday night Chris met me in the city for an after work drink at a very cool little hotel bar that was actually a coffee shop (which we didn’t realize so we kind of felt out of place with our tumblers of wine)

before meeting up with more friends at Hill Country BBQ where everyone worried that a non-meat lover like myself would starve, and then I ended up eating more than anyone at the table. I feasted despite my surroundings (story of my life)

So much goodness.

Last night, Debbie and I walked to the Grove Street Farmer’s Market where she hit up the delicious looking Cinnamon Snail food truck while I picked up summer rolls and some delicious tofu dish from More.

I ended the night, wine in hand, watching that new ABC show Last Resort. Chris and I really liked it. It was a thriller for sure and opened with a bang. I’m so reluctant to trust network TV dramas after Lost, but this one definitely has potential. We also watched the new Parks and Rec, and I will be so seriously sad when this season ends and there’s no more Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt in my life. Seriously sad.

Things I did not do this week: run. 0 miles. Honestly, it was perfect. I feel totally relaxed, and I actually want to run again. I’m hoping to log a few miles this weekend, but there’s no pressure, and that’s a beautiful  thing.

Hopefully you’ve got a wonderful weekend awaiting you!


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