September Wrap Up and October Goals

It’s October! What a month! Sweaters and jeans and boots and pumpkins and apple pies and perfect running weather. October is kind of great.

Here’s an update on my progress for my yearly goals:

  • Complete 12 random acts of kindness– Done! 16 actually. Look at me now.
  • Pay off my car– Done!
  • Donate 24 hours of my time-16 hours in, 8 hours to go. This is really just a rough estimate. With fall recruitment going on at Alpha Chi Omega, I feel as if every free moment is time donated to the sorority, but that’s probably not the case. Still, I can’t imagine how the collegians are doing it AND going to classes. Amazing. They amaze me.
  • Run 2 half marathons– Done! Rutgers Unite and Newport!This makes me so happy. I listed this mostly as a pipe dream thinking that there was no way I’d find the time to consistently train for two half marathons in one year, so I’m really thrilled that I made it happen. 
  • Learn 3 new skills– Done! Um, zero this month that I can think of. How sad is that? I’ve been studying a lot for my CIA certification exam so it’s not like I haven’t been learning, but it’s not exactly a skill, so the total stands at 6.
  • Read 12 books– Done! I’m up to 13 since I finished The Beach Trees. Currently, I’m reading Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings. So good. So addicting, but long, so, between that and studying, I probably won’t be reading nearly as many books for the rest of this year.

Miles run- 71 for a total of 515.87 for the year. 

In October I’m looking forward to:

  • Devouring some Monk’s mussels and craft beers (as well as probably more than our share of late night Wawa goodies) when we visit Travis and Laura in Philly!
  • A relaxing (but study filled) Columbus Day
  • Destroying my CIA Part IV exam (please think happy thoughts for me on the morning of 10/15)
  • Checking out NYC Food & Wine’s Meatpacking Uncorked (terrible name, hopefully fun event!) with Debbie and Mike!
  • Celebrating Moshi’s first birthday! Yay baby cat!
  • Moving to our new deluxe apartment in the sky!
  • Hopefully catching some of the Rutgers Homecoming game on the interwebs. It’s the same weekend as the move. boo 😦
  • Getting more than 3 trick or treaters (fingers crossed). Our new apartment is right next to the elevator, so I’m hoping we actually get a good turnout. I love Halloween and all the adorable little trick or treaters make my night.

I didn’t make too much progress on my fall to-do list, but that’s because it hasn’t really felt like fall around here. This is the first week where temperatures have actually been cool enough to justify fall clothes, so I haven’t had much motivation to do fall things. Still, I always wait too long to do thinks like apple picking since once it’s cold out, it’s too late. Not this year. This year, the apples are mine

  • Apple Picking
  • Applesauce makin’ and Apple Pie bakin’
  • My 1st Pumpkin Latte of the season thoroughly enjoyed the Monday morning after the Newport Half. It was my little treat to myself, and it was perfect.
  • Baking pumpkin muffins
  • Drive upstate to check out the foliage and a new to us town
  • Running the HoBOOken Halloween 5k

  • Making an amazing gluten free side dish to bring to Thanksgiving
  • Making a donation to our local food bank before Thanksgiving
  • Watching the Nightmare before Christmas
  • Running in Central Park
  • Hiking!
  • Visiting the Met

Any other suggestions for fun fall festivities??


What about you? How will you make this fall fantastic?


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