Flipadelphia (and other happenings)

Not until I go through my pictures do I realize that it’s time for a post.

There’s a lot going on over here these days. We’re 17 days away from our move and only 6 (yikes!) days away from my CIA exam. I’ve been mostly studying and stressing about (rather than actually) packing. Still, it’s autumn. I’d love to say it’s been beautiful here, but we’ve had a lot of rain. In between the rain there have been some fun times though, so let’s focus on that.

Two weekends ago, my beautiful sister came to visit me! She’s been in North Carolina for 6 years!! and just made the move up to Delaware, so we celebrated her first weekend as a new Northeasterner with a trip to Jersey City. Along with Chris and Debbie and Mike, we checked out the Jersey City Street Fair which was really a blast. I should have taken more pictures of all the cool shops and stands set up, but, as usual, I was focused on the food.

Debbie introduced me to The Cinnamon Snail, and it was awesome. I got a tofu sandwich on spelt bread that was honestly in the top 5 sandwiches of all time.

After our festival of eating, we headed back to the apartment to play with the kittens a bit before checking out Oktoberfest at Biergarten.

{they’re so weird. we’ve named their new game Ghost Cat. cat A hides under a sheet while cat B, usually Moshi because he’s not very smart, goes absolutely crazy trying to figure out where cat A went.}

After a late night (it was actually my 23 year old sister who faded first!) we crashed at home. We tried the brunch menu at one of our favorite local spots, Amelia’s, and it was lovely.

We were even joined by this bird

Unfortunately, Annie had to head back to Delaware afterwards, but it was great to see her while she was here. We didn’t manage to take one good picture together, but now that she’s so close, hopefully there will be many more opportunities.

Thursday was the second iteration of Girl’s Night, a tradition I fully support, at Cityside Bistro. I had a nicoisse salad and shared some pumpkin risotto and an apple crumble (too dark for pictures) that were so fall appropriate and delicious! The company wasn’t bad either 😉

This past weekend, we drove out to Philadelphia to see our friends Travis and Laura and their dog (my best friend) Lucy. As soon as we arrived Friday night, they took us to a Conshohocken restaurant called Blackfish.

The place was really cute, and the service was awesome. I shared some of Chris’ butternut squash soup, complete with a toasted marshmallow in the middle.


Laura and I split some sort of risotto. I can’t remember exactly what was in it, but I know there was sweet corn and spring onions, and that it was very good.

For my main course, I had sous vide salmon, and it was good but not great. It was prepared beautifully, but that was my first sous vide experience, and I’m just not sure I like the texture it produces. Still, the flavors were spot on.


The next morning, Travis and Laura took us to a bike trail that follows the Schuylkill River all the way into the city. We rode about 7 miles to Manayunk where we stopped for brunch before biking back to the apartment. PS- I have not made up one word in this post so far. PA just has some very odd town names.


{i’m so, so bad at the self portrait.}



After that, we got ready quicker than I have ever in my entire life (4 people showered and were out the door in 35 minutes!!) to catch the next train into the city. We had super important events to attend to.


{sorry for the horrendous photo; it was super dark, so I had to adjust the brightness/contrast so you could see at least some of the deliciousness.}

Mainly, we had to get to Monk’s to stuff our faces, immediately. Monk’s is like a “last meal” type of place. I’m not positive that it’d be my pick, but it’d be a seriously strong contender. Their beer selection is awesome, but it’s the mussel pots and fries that keep us coming back. Seriously, as the food was delivered to the table, a silence came over us, and I don’t think anyone spoke for 15 solid minutes as we devoured our food. If we sound like wild animals, then you’re getting the idea.

Once we were full (so very full), we explored the city for a bit before heading back.


That night, some of us played video games while others of us read/napped. I’ll let you guess who.

We rounded the night out with a food I have not had in probably 3 years, Domino’s Pizza, and you know what? It was really, really good!


The temperature dropped Saturday night, and none of us really felt like leaving the house again, so when we started discussing takeout options, I remembered hearing that Domino’s had started offering a new gluten-free crust (it’s produced in the same facility as the other crusts, so it’s not safe for people with Celiac’s Disease) and figured I’d give it a shot. Way to go Domino’s! The sauce was well seasoned with a little kick, the veggies were fresh and crunchy, and the crust was much more chewy and thick that the usual cracker-type gfree crusts. I would absolutely order this again.

What else? Hmm… well, there was wine, so much wine, cheetos, Workaholics, more video games, more wine, Case 39 and omelets.  Fun weekend? Definitely. Good for my arteries (not to mention my butt)? For sure not. Would I do it all over again? In a hearbeat ❤

Chris and I drove back up to Jersey in the pouring rain and felt pretty much like the cats looked


We were beat, so we spent the day napping, cleaning and getting back to normal. After Case 39, we were craving more scary movies, so we Apple TV-rented Cabin in the Woods. It was very good. It wasn’t quite as scary as I’d hoped, but very visually appealing and a definite twist on the genre.

We were so, so grateful to both have yesterday off for Columbus Day. We ran (yes! we still run! only in between eating of course) 5 miles which actually felt incredibly good… until I pulled a muscle in my lower back. It happens a lot actually, but it still stinks. It didn’t matter as I had to spend the rest of the day studying anyway.


{Miles knows how terrible studying is}

Despite all the studying and the rain, I think we squeezed quite a lot of fun into that 4 day weekend. The next one won’t come around again until 2013, so I’m glad we made this one count!






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