Food & Wine & Birthdays & Babies

First things first, today is Debbie’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEBBIE!! I hope it’s the best one ever. We did some celebrating this weekend, but we’ll get there.

I passed the third of my four exam professional certification yesterday!! They don’t tell you how much you pass by, but I’m guessing it was a close call because that exam was a beast. It didn’t help that I woke up with an ugly head cold. Still, I’m glad it’s over, and I’m one exam closer to being certified. The last exam will surely be the most grueling, but there’s no going back now. What’s not over? This cold. Ugh. I’m currently fighting it, but it’s feeling like a losing battle. Let’s focus on something else…

This weekend! I’m absolutely not complaining because I loved every minute of it, but it was busy!

Last week was a short work week (which somehow still dragged) that came with some unwanted, lingering  back pain, but I did manage to get 8 miles plus some yoga and an elliptical session in, so it was a pretty good week.

Still, the weekend took the cake (and the cupcakes, and the apple crumbles, and the wine… oh the wine). Friday night, I hung out at work while I waited for Chris and Debbie to meet me so we could head up to the Meatpacking District for NYC Food & Wine Week. Mike met us when he got out of work, and we all explored the area as part of the Food Network’s Meatpacking Uncorked (stupid name) event.

I bought the tickets not really knowing what to expect from the event, but we figured it out pretty quickly. Basically, they gave us a map when we walked in. The map highlighted all the stores and boutiques that would be giving out wine samples as well as all the restaurants and trucks serving food. We followed the map and found… a lot of lines. Yeah, it was really crowded. I mean I guess it’s to be expected for a popular city event, but it kept us from getting to make more than a few stops. We got to sample probably between 5-6 wines and only 2 food stops. Still, it was something unique and we had a lot of fun peeking into some fancy (and strange) shops.
Overall, the wine was good but not great. Nothing that I haven’t tried before (think Yellow Tail), and I am not a wine connoisseur by anyone’s definition.  The food was good, but, as I said, we only got to try two things. The first was a veggie empanada from a truck called Nucha’s.
excuse the eerie green glow; it was dark, and this was filled with a yummy spinach mixture
The second food I sampled was a mushroom and brie toast. I don’t have any pictures because it was too dark at this point, but believe me, it was good. I’d like to visit 5Ninth again for sure.
The event was scheduled for 6-9, but most places began closing up shop around 8:30. We wandered a bit more before Yelping a place to eat dinner and finding Green Table, which was actually in Chelsea Market. It was there that I had, hands down, the best chili of my life.
Yes, it gets two pictures, because it was that good. Now, maybe I was a little tipsy, but honestly, this chili was so thick and well seasoned. I wanted so badly to keep eating, but I was pretty full after half a bowl.
We kept the party going for way too long after our dinner, but somehow I still managed to make it up the next morning for a run with the girls! Cameron planned the run to start Debbie’s birthday celebrations on a healthy note. The morning was cool but not freezing, and the run was really fun! We headed down to the water and back again for four miles while keeping a sub 10 minute mile pace. Not bad for a hungover run. We topped our mileage off with some cupcakes, which was absolutely perfect, of course.
Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the day studying, but we had plans to party later that night, so at least I had that to look forward to. Chris and I met Debbie and Mike and Meg for dinner at Amelia’s Bistro, one of our neighborhood favorites, and it did not disappoint.
Cameron and Rich met us and we all headed over to another neighborhood hotspot, Satis Wine Bar.
The ladies enjoyed some cocktails (I had a gin mule) while the boys sampled some whiskey. Not for me, but they had fun with it.
We had some very interesting discussions and toasted Debbie’s birthday before calling it a night.
The next morning, after more studying, I had my first ever baby shower to attend! My friend, Krystal, who I met in middle school, is having her first boy in January, so I drove out to Frenchtown, NJ to celebrate with her.
The grandmas planned the entire thing, and all the personal touches were really sweet. It was nice to catch up with friends, some of whom I haven’t spoken to since 8th grade! I even won a prize!
There was a thread on the table, and we each had to cut a length we thought would fit around mama’s belly. Mine was the closest, so I got some sweet lotion! I never win things, so I was pretty thrilled.
Oh, and there was cake too. With a strawberry custard filling. Can’t go wrong with that.
So, basically, I celebrated, ate and studied all weekend long. Not so bad if you ask me. Now, I’m sick. Go figure. I guess I can’t party like I used too, but I seriously had a blast, and I passed my exam! So, all in, I’ll take a little cold. As long as I’m better in time for the next weekend. See ya then!

3 thoughts on “Food & Wine & Birthdays & Babies

  1. Thanks for the birthday shoutout!!! Awesome recap of our amazingly fun weekend!!! Congrats again on your exam..quite an accomplishment!

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