Running Updates

Running! I still do that? I still do that!

It’s been 4.5 weeks since the Jersey City Half Marathon so I thought I’d give a brief update on how my running has been going plus talk about some ideas for the new running season.

Week 1 (9/13-9/29)- 4 miles; avg pace 10:08; runs of note-none. Mostly I rested following the half marathon. I was in no rush to get back out there, but a week to the day after the race, Chris and I did a lovely little 4 miler, and I was so happy.

Week 2 (9/30-10/7)- 9 miles; avg pace 9:55; runs of note- none. Just building back up slowly.

Week 3 (10/8-10/14)- 16 miles; avg pace 10:00; runs of note- nice 5 miler and a tempo (15 min@ 9:35) run. Now, we’re cooking.

Week 4 (10/15-10/21)- 12.65 miles; avg pace 10:20; runs of note- 5.65 (stupid Garmin) miler and another longer, faster  tempo(20 min@9:17). Pretty good for a week where I was sidelined 4 days with a cold.

As you can see, there are tempos! I don’t think I did a single tempo run in my last training cycle. I even did a speed work session this week, but that’s getting ahead. My goal is to start getting faster (just so you know, I originally wrote “start getting fatter” -much more realistic) because I know I have it in me. I don’t see a full marathon on my near horizon, and I want a challenge, so I’m planning on making 2013 “The Year of the PR” I want to PR in the 5k, 10k and the half. Currently my PRs are:

  • 24:40
  • 50:43 and
  • 2:05:49

But they were created by a younger, more obsessive Kate of another era (gosh she was exhausting), so they’re a definitely reach.

A++ Goal– Set new PRs

Some current times I’d like to beat are:

A Goal– A sub 25 5k, a sub 1:05 10k and a sub 2:25 half.

B Goal would be anything at all faster than what I ran last year.

My Number 1 Goal (I’m mixing ranking systems here) is to not get injured. Taking 2 months off with an IT band injury and spending many dollars on PT was no fun, so I’m gonna train faster, and I’m gonna train smarter. Sometimes my tempos and speed work times feel a little silly since they are not what anyone would consider speedy, but I know that if I try and get too fast too quickly (huh?) I’ll get hurt, so I’m following my own little plan and taking my time.

I’ve got a little 5k in Hoboken this Saturday morning. Currently, I have no real goals for it. Ridiculous, I know because I just listed like 20, but like I said, I’m not really there yet, so I’m not trying to rush it. Basically, I just want to have fun and finish. It’s like a tempo run for me, so if I could keep it under 30 minutes, I’d be a happy camper. What? I can’t not set any goals!! (oh and if I could save enough energy to move all the things that afternoon, that’d be great too- don’t worry Chris, I’ll be fineeeee)


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