eating our way back to normal

After getting a much later start on the weekend than I would have liked, my mom and sister came to town!

In order to take advantage of NJ Transit’s free ferry service from Jersey City to Battery Park and save a little by avoiding the typical $7 (each way!!) NY Waterway fee, I had to take a boat to a bus then a light rail train and walk home. My typical commute is about 25 minutes each way. These days, it’s 90 minutes. Yikes.I bought some wine on my walk home, and all felt right in the world again.

Chris and I stayed close to home on Friday night and tried the restaurant adjacent to our new building’s lobby. It was just ok. We wished it was better and are still eagerly awaiting the opening of the new Mexican joint next door.

Saturday still jonesing for good Mexican food and after discovering that our favorite Taqueria Downtown is still underwater, we tried the new taco place, Taqueria Viva Mexico and reflected on how lucky we are to have not one, but two Taquerias! It was really excellent and the service was amazing for $3 tacos. I tried the fish and the veggie (not just cactus! expertly seasoned and grilled carrots, potatoes and onions!), and I think we’ll certainly be going back even after Downtown reemerges.

My mom and sister arrived understandably exhausted after 12 hours in the car on Saturday night. We killed some time and caught up over drinks (Molly had a Shirley Temple) at LITM. It smelled like flood, everything does these days, but it’s coming back. I had my new favorite “fancy drink”, sparkling white wine and elderflower. Yum. Then we took them to what is quickly becoming my most favorite restaurant in Jersey City, Roman Nose. We’ve taken Chris’ parents. I celebrated Meg’s birthday there on Thursday night, and now my mom has been too. Yeah, we like this place. They offer gluten free pasta, and it’s so delicious. I wouldn’t turn down their zucchini white pizza either. I’ll even take the stomach ache.

After a 6 mile run (longest distance since the half) Sunday we walked around town and stumbled upon a kitten adoption event where my heart broke into 50 pieces after I saw a kitten in a cage who looks EXACTLY like Miles. Miles is not an average looking cat either.


(on the right)

Kitten in cage:


You can’t see it very well in either picture, but they both had the same amber colored eyes. I died. I tried every guilt trip in the book to talk Chris into adopting a third cat, but it didn’t work. Someone has to be rational I guess. I posted his adorable picture on Facebook, and I’m just really hoping he has a home soon.

I spent the rest of the weekend (and the holiday Monday) with my sister Molly, just monkeying around.


Girl was hanging upside down all over this jungle-dome. Craziness

Once they hit the road back home, Chris and I set out on our bikes to explore some of our favorite waterfront and survey the damage from Sandy.


That’s the (former) walking bridge connecting Liberty State Park to downtown Jersey City. It should be about 50 feet to the left of where it is now. It looks like the city moved it out of the way because it’s too unstable to cross, but it’s still remarkable to see all that damage up close.

Also, this


should be in the water.

So, things are getting back to normal, but there are still very obvious signs of lingering damage.  It’s so surreal seeing the city in this state of shock, and we’ve felt very frustrated and helpless these past couple weeks. Now that things are opening back up again, we’re making a conscious effort to go out and support local businesses. Every day a small business is closed, they’re losing money, so we really wanted to help support the city we love so much.

All told this weekend we had:

Dinner & Drinks at O’Connell’s

Lunch at Taqueria Viva Mexico (amazing veggie tacos!)

Drinks at LITM (elderflower champagne cocktails!)

Dinner at Roman Nose (gluten free pasta!)

Dessert at How Sweet It Is (the best chocolate selection hands down!)

Breakfast at Wonder Bagels (the best bagels in town!)

Dinner at Sky Thai

Breakfast at Brownstone Diner (pancakes the size of your face!)

and Dinner Buon Appetito

We love our city, and we want all these businesses to survive and thrive. Of course, it doesn’t hurt (well, it hurts my waistline, but that’s neither here nor there) that they’re all so delicious! Now let’s get that waterfront back in shape because we have a lot of running to do if we want to balance out all this ridiculously yummy community support!



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