Happy Friendsgiving!

Last night was Friendsgiving, and I’m still full, but let’s back it up first.

Last week was long. Taking the ferry to and from work in place of the train has been draining. I am not a boat person, and it is taking everything in me to board that floating monster every day even with gorgeous sunset views like this on my way home.


Excuse the blur… the boat was a’rockin’.

So, come Friday night, I really just wanted to relax. Chris bought us Fandango tickets to see Lincoln, and it was really good. It was just so well written and acted. Plus I was getting a real kick out of all the beards.

Saturday morning, I was up and at ’em too early for my liking to head back into the city for a 9-5 CIA prep class. It was brutal, but now I only have two more. Hurrah!

While I was there, Chris and Mike were cleaning up Liberty State Park following the storm’s damage. I was so proud of them for taking the initiative on that one. Way to go guys!


Not them, but you get the idea.

After I finally got home (it was heartbreaking to watch the sunset outside the windows of my classroom and know I had spent an entire precious Saturday inside), we met up with Debbie and Mike for dinner at our most favorite place, Roman Nose. It was delicious as always and exactly what I needed after a particularly grueling day.

Sunday, Chris and I woke up early (after falling asleep embarrassingly early) to tackle 7 miles. I was impressed that he had it in him after his day of hard labor, but he did, and we did it.

After our run, things were kind of a blur as we flew around the kitchen cooking up things to take to our first Friendsgiving! Back in October, when we were carving pumpkins, Lindsey announced she’d be hosting Friendsgiving this year a week in anticipation of Thanksgiving. Yay Lindsey!

Chris and I brought a classic green bean casserole but subbed in soy milk for regular milk. We also made this delicious quinoa salad. I doubled the recipe, used veggie broth in place of water, and added 3 chopped scallions, and it got rave reviews!



All the food was so, so great. Steph made an artichoke dip that contained both cheese and mayonnaise, so you know I was all over that. Lindsey made TWO turkeys, one traditional and one with rosemary and sage, and they were so juicy and tender. Really, everything was so good. It was one of those times I found myself wishing for a spare stomach to fill up (I apologize immediately for that disgusting visual, but tell me you haven’t at some point wished the same.)

And of course, now all I can think of is Thanksgiving. Before I learned that my family was moving back up to New Jersey (!!) I decided on doing Thanksgiving with Chris’ family then flying to South Carolina for Christmas. The fact that I now get to spend both holidays up north is making me so happy! I was excited to have my first crisp, cool Thanksgiving in years until I saw this:


Um, South Carolina, is that you?

That’s a very warm Thanksgiving for up north, but I’ll take it.

So, now I’m planning menus, drawing up critical path charts on the order in which to cook food, and of course planning my outfit.  Just your typical Type A Thanksgiving prep. We off to Queens on Thursday to celebrate, so wish us luck braving all the traffic. Still, I can’t wait!


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