Westfield Turkey Trot 5 Miler

Hi there. I’ll keep this short because I don’t have any pictures to back it up anyway.

Saturday Chris and I ran the Westfield Turkey Trot 5 miler! This was my first ever Turkey Trot and my first ever 5 mile race. We had debated between this race or one in Freehold the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m so, so glad we picked this one. Friday we were still miserably sore from Crossfit (we were legit sore for 5 days… I’m thinking we pushed a little too hard?). Like, we couldn’t even get out of bed comfortably. Saturday was a little better. Still, I felt it.

The race was nice. We got there a little late and parking was very limited, so we parked on a small side street and rushed over to get our bibs and tee shirts which we ended up just holding during the race. We waited in line for the port-a-potties while they were yelling over the loud speaker to get to the start line! We’re trying! We made it with two minutes to spare. It was just enough time to sync up my Garmin and go!

The first mile was tough as it was a loop and a half of this little park. We were both pretty stiff still, and it was very cold. Like, maybe 40 degrees. And snowing. Yikes.

After that, things got a little easier, we wound our way out of the park and through the residential streets of Westfield, New Jersey. The houses were so beautiful, and Chris and I entertained ourselves by picking which characteristics we’d take from each house to make a perfect home (my picks: brick exterior, slate gray shutters, red door, back deck, upper level balcony = perfect). There were also lots of people out on their lawns cheering and ringing bells. I think some of this had to do with the late start (11am).

Having not raced 5 miles before, I wanted to pace myself. After the second mile though, I tried to pick it up and get under 10 minute miles. No such luck. My body was just too sore. My hips and hamstrings were completely locked, and the best I could do was hover around 10:30s. Chris was feeling better but kindly decided to stick it out at the back of the pack with me. Love that kid.

Garmin reported a 52:45 finish (10:33 pace) but the race was chipped, and we clocked in at a 53:10 finish (10:38 pace). Nowhere near where I wanted, but I guess I have a new 5 miler PR?

After the race we grabbed water and… soup? Sounds really weird, but the chicken noodle soup they handed out after the race tasted so good and warmed us up enough to get our sweaty behinds to our car without freezing. Perfect. We ran into Judy too! We seem to find her at every New Jersey race, and that’s just fine by me.

Honestly, I’m a little discouraged that I couldn’t maintain a faster pace during this race. I’ve run longer distances faster in training runs. I think a lot of it had to do with the soreness, so now I know not to do any Crossfitting before a race. Still, after so much eating and lounging, it felt really good to get out and run… then get immediately back to eating and lounging 🙂 Gotta love the holidays.



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