RU Rah Rah!

Thursday night Chris and I went with our adorable German friends to a Rutgers football game! It’s funny; even though Chris, Andy and I were all at Rutgers at the same time, we didn’t know each other, so this was our first football game together. As for Saskia, this was her first college football game ever!


The stakes were high for this game against Louisville. It was our last game in the Big East since we’ll be moving up to the Big 10 next year, and if we won the game, we were the Big East champs on our way to a BCS bowl!!! ESPN was there! The stadium was packed! The crowd was pumped!


We lost. I didn’t think we were going to. It really looked like we might win. Then it all went down hill, and we lost.

I’m glad we went to show our support. Even though we were totally freezing, we had fun cheering on our alma mater together, and (mildly) reliving our college days for a few hours.


We still love you Rutgers! And there’s always next year!!

November wrap up coming soooooon.


2 thoughts on “RU Rah Rah!

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