The Busy Season

Things are busy these days. I get the sense that everyone is feeling that same vibe, but this is honestly the first holiday season I can remember being this busy. There’s just so much going on! I’m trying to relax and enjoy the best parts before it passes, but man, it is flying by.

This weekend was hectic. After a fun happy hour with my coworkers on Friday, Chris and I had to make a late night trip to Target for a child’s gift that would serve as his race entry fee for Saturday’s Big Chill 5k at Rutgers. He got a pretty sweet remote control car that I think he was more excited about than he’s willing to admit.

We were both up early, too early,  Saturday morning; him for the Big Chill, me for my last CIA exam review class. After an hour long commute into the city (still feeling the effects of Sandy on our transit system), I sat in class for 8 hours super jealous of Chris and his buddy Steve running the Big Chill. I love that race but have missed it for the past two years (last year I was injured 😦 ). They, of course, had a great time while all I had was a great lunch.



Look at that beautiful Chipotle bowl.

I tried to find something lighter as my stomach has been a disaster these days, but the class is right on 5th Avenue and the hoards of holiday shoppers were making it difficult to move around, so when I stumbled upon a Chipotle, I decided to just go with it. I kept it as bland as possible (brown rice, black beans, veggies, tomatoes, lettuce and guac) but still felt worse than I expected.

At least now the class is over! And I got to have dinner with my mom and sister later that night. They’re back up in New Jersey after 6 years in South Carolina, and I’m so happy! It’s surreal, but also awesome. Our other darling sister was supposed to join, but her boyfriend was too sick to make the drive from Maryland, so he took her to a light show in Baltimore’s harbor instead. How cute is that?

Sunday, I was up early again to accept our grocery delivery for the week. Ordering groceries online and having them delivered to our door has been such a huge time-saver. It’s amazing. Once we unpacked everything, we got to work on some serious business.



We built Miles and Moshi a fort out of the boxes which took us about 15 minutes. They played for 5 minutes then destroyed the whole thing. This is why we can’t have nice things!

Next we were off to Chris’ second 5k of the weekend, the Jersey City Jingle Bell 5k. Because I only skimmed the email, I didn’t realize that the race started a block away from where most races start, and we wandered around for 15 minutes trying to find the race. We almost called it a quits and went home, but Chris brilliantly suggested checking inside a nearby restaurant, and he was right! There it was! Race day saved.

I wanted to bring my camera, as I knew this would be a fun photo opportunity since it’s such a cute, local race, but the whole weekend looked like this



so I left it home to keep it dry. Sorry, no pictures. The race was really nice. The volunteers were so friendly and wonderful. Once I told them there were other runners wandering around outside where we were lost, they immediately sent someone out with a sign to guide people to the correct start.

The 5k was flat and fast like every race in downtown Jersey City, which was wonderful. We were feeling good, so we pushed ourselves and finished with a Garmin time of about 28 minutes. The race was a little long, so we figured our average pace was an 8:43! Considering our Turkey Trot 5 miler pace was a 10:37, we were really pleased with how we did. This is a PR for Chris too, so that was really exciting! I can’t even express how proud I am of him for doing back to back 5ks and then PR-ing! Who does that? Just awesome.

I tried to enjoy a few quiet afternoon hours at home with a book, and got a crockpot BBQ chicken dinner started before heading to Rutgers for a very, very long meeting with my Alpha Chis. The meeting was to resolve lingering chapter disputes and issues and lasted over 5 hours. Advising has been one of the greatest challenges I’ve tackled, and it’s teaching me a lot about my skills (and weaknesses!) and how to lead. I’m thinking I’ll do a comprehensive post on it once I feel a little more sure of my abilities, but for now, know that it just meant I came home at 10:30 on a Sunday night starving! Thank goodness for that crockpot. I quickly reheated a mini meal before watching an episode of The Mindy Project (on the fence about this show) and collapsing in bed.

Weekends like this past one are so draining. I feel like I’m heading into this week (my busiest in a long time) at a deficit which is discouraging, but I’m also proud of everything I was able to accomplish. It would have been easier to flake on one or more of my activities, but the feeling of sticking with my commitments is just awesome. That’s what I’m choosing to focus on. I’ll deal with the bags under my eyes some other time.


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