Down on the farm

Hi again. It seems really silly to post New Year’s Eve pics on January 14, and there are fewer than I thought, so I’ll wait until the January wrap up to share those.

For now, let’s talk the weekend (sometimes it’s the only thing getting me through Mondays).

This weekend was supposed to be warm and sunny. It was warm, but most definitely not Sunny. That meant our plans for a date night in the city Friday and a Sunday afternoon hike had to be adjusted, but I’m kind of glad they were because this weekend turned out to be rather awesome.

Friday night, Chris and I decided that since we weren’t going out, we’d cook something a little nicer than our typical weekday dinners. I got the foods he got the wine.



That’s roasted chicken breasts and thighs over red potatoes in a garlic, rosemary, lemon and white wine sauce. And that’s also a reflection of my cutest boyfriend who said, “You’re not going to take a picture of this?? It looks amazing!” Then rearranged the food so it was at its best angle like a true food blogger. Thanks Chris!

For dessert we had gluten free brownies (the Bob’s Red Mill mix is awesome!) and wine and James Bond. Perfect night in.

Saturday I had my first meeting of the new year with the rest of my advisory  board for Alpha Chi, and I have to say that it got me really excited for the coming months. It’s going to be busy as all get out, but I’m really optimistic about this year!

Sunday our hiking plans got revised to pretty much the most amazing day of my life. Our city friends Debbie and Mike (they always think of the most fun excursions!) happen to have a family farm in central Jersey, and they offered to take us out there for the day! I nearly fainted telling Chris the news. I absolutely love farm animals despite occasionally eating them (sorry chickens. i feel really badly about that. i’m working on it), and I get so excited about meeting them it’s kind of ridiculous. Chris has seen me in action  before, so he made me promise I wouldn’t cry or try to steal any of them. It was tough.


First I met these goats who were incredibly friendly despite the fact that I had no food to offer them. The brown one shaking his money maker for us is absolutely lovely.



They were sweet and perfect and I loved them all so much, particularly the one with the spots.



Next I met these sheep who were a bit more standoffish, but still incredibly friendly despite the fact that I confessed to them that their wool makes me itch.

I also met a baby goat, but I didn’t take a picture because Mrs. Goat was giving me crazy stink eye just for making a series of high pitched squeals upon seeing her adorable kids (it’s true! baby goats are kids!).

I just about died. Chris commented later on how I rushed headlong over (possibly snake filled) tall grass and almost into a fence to see those sheep. Apparently my deep love for adorable farm animals knows few bounds. Still, I did not adopt any creatures, and I did not cry, so I’m calling the outing a success.

After being forcibly removed from the farm (I would have moved in) we went to lunch in Princeton. Despite being a little car sick (there are some curvy roads in central Jersey) I was still ready for lunch, and Triumph did not disappoint. I don’t have any pictures because it was pretty dark in there, but I can tell you that I had a super yummy kale and white bean soup and a mushroom patty burger (not a portabello top, like ground up mushrooms fritter style) and you can imagine the deliciousness.



We wandered around this adorable college town (though Chris and I could probably have our diplomas revoked if we said this to other Rutgers alumni) for a while after lunch and stopped in a cute consignment shop before hitting the road again. We’ll definitely be coming back to Princeton soon.

The rest of the weekend was very quiet which was totally perfect. I wanted to work on a scarf I’ve been crocheting (remember my New Year’s Resolutions??) so that I can actually wear it before winter ends, but someone had other plans.


Miles is the most considerate cat in the world as he will only lay on fabric in the same color family as his hair. Saves us a ton in lint rollers.

So yeah. The weekend was perfect, and I didn’t want it to end, but it did. The good thing about weekends though is that the next one is never more than 5 days away. Until then… have a wonderful week!




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