What I’ve been working out lately

The short answer is my butt. That’s not really a long enough post though, so I will share the long answer as well. It’s been an awful long while since I talked about any physical activity on the old blog, but I have been working out! It’s just that, if it’s not running, it bores me to even talk about. Alas, there is life outside of running, and when it’s 11 degrees (true story: I typed 11 as a joke thinking I’d be engaging in hyperbole. false.) outside I figured maybe there are some of you in need of a little indoor workout inspiration or at the very least that you should be forced to share in my boredom.



don’t worry; it’s 12 but it only feels like -2.

I am the type that has a lot of difficulty doing any type of strength training. It’s just that, if my heart isn’t racing and I don’t feel completely spent after my workouts, I feel like I wasted my time. So, for me to do muscle work, it has to be in an area where I feel like I’ll be able to see the results. Enter, my butt (wait, that doesn’t sound at all right). Seriously though there’s a point. After the hurricane, Chris and I decided we’d had about enough of the eastern seaboard and would like to move to Jamaica.




i know. i should really post my art on the blog more often

So maybe Chris doesn’t know we’re moving there, and maybe we only booked our trip for 5 days at the end of February, but I’m sure this





will be enough to convince him we should relocate permanently. The final step is just to convince some nice Jamaican family to take us in. And if we’re going to be moving to Jamaica, I’m going to be spending a lot more time in a bathing suit. And if I’m going to be spending a lot more time in a bathing suit, I should shape up. I mean I wouldn’t want our new adoptive family to scream in terror every time I step out of the ocean. The pale ginger skin is frightening enough.

This is all to say that I’ve been doing strength workouts so that my butt will look good in a bikini. I’d so love to tell you that I’m engaging in strength training because it will make me a better runner and it will keep my skeleto-muscular system in fightin’ form well into my 90s. But it’s really about my butt.

I like the workout I’ve been doing because I can do it once through if I’m pressed for time and be out of the gym in 30 minutes and not late for work. If I find myself with spare time though, I can do 2-3 sets of it and be pleasantly sore the next day.

I usually start with 10-15 minutes on the cardio machine that’s calling to me that day (stairmaster, elliptical or treadmill walking on an incline) followed by:



I give a range of weights because I started with body weight alone for most and worked my way up. Besides, you could easily do this workout at home without weights or perhaps using one (or both) of your cats as weights




provided they’re not busy brushing up on their Tolkien.

I try to do this twice a week, run 2-3 times a week (3-5 miles at a lumbering pace) and get my yoga on once a week, and I’m already starting to notice a difference from cardio alone. I tried on a bathing suit that would have been a crime against humanity last summer, and I actually said to Chris, “I look good.” Shocking, but it turns out that working your muscles improves their appearance. Weird. I know.

Like I said, I’m still running, but it’s too damn cold to run outside, and 5 days a week of the treadmill makes Jack a dull boy if you know what I mean. It’s hard to motivate myself when I know I’ll be staring at the same wall as yesterday and the day before and the day before and the day before. If you’re also lacking in motivation, here’s some stuff that’s worked for me:

  • morning running. If it doesn’t happen while I’m still too tired to fight it, it ain’t gonna happen.
  • gym dates. Going and chatting (loudly over the whir of the treadmills; you’re welcome fellow gym-goers) with Chris or Debbie has been immensely motivating.
  • horrendous music. I’m talking Ke$ha and others that I would never listen to in front of other humans. It’s so bad, it’s good, and I swear it makes me run faster.
  • audio books. I’m making my way through Game of Thrones 3 as I slog through miserable treadmill miles. Download it for the narrator’s accent alone. I love it.
  • focus on the future. I’ve got a few races on my distant horizons, and the warm thoughts of springtime runs are getting me through these miserable winter months.

So, that’s all I got for you. I’m sorry I talked about my butt for an obscenely long amount of time. Actually, I’m not. That was a lie. I’m sorry I lied to you. It won’t happen again.

Have a good one and stay warm out there!




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