so it begins

February is going to be one busy month for me. Like I have something planned every day of every weekend. Like I will probably sleep 24 hours total. Like, it’s going to be rough. Still, at the end of February, Chris and I are off to sunny, beautiful Jamaica, so I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. The craziness kicked off this weekend, so I’m feeling it today. There’s not too many pics, so I’ll keep it short. Let’s go!

Friday was actually quite lovely. It has been absolutely freezing lately, so Chris and I decided to stay in, and I attempted a very ambitious, for me, recipe of fish tacos.


They were delicious and much easier than I thought! I:

  • marinaded two filets of flounder (because it was on sale) in lime juice, chopped garlic, cilantro, chili powder and paprika for about 15 minutes
  • crushed a cup of tortilla chips and added those same seasonings (minus the lime) to the chips and breaded the fish with them
  • poured the remaining marinade over the fish and cooked it in the oven for 15 minutes on 375

In the meantime, I:

  • made brown rice with lime and cilantro
  • sliced up an avocado
  • chopped up a quarter of a red cabbage and mixed it up with salt, pepper, lime and cilantro
  • warmed corn tortillas in the microwave (2o seconds each)

When the fish was done, I flaked it into chunks they layered it on the tortilla and topped it with the cabbage slaw, jarred salsa and sliced avocado. They were divine!

Saturday we were up bright and early and off to New Brunswick. Chris dropped me off at the Alpha Chi house then went on to spend the day with his parents. I spent the day helping the Alpha Chi’s get ready for formal recruitment, and getting so excited! Their plans sound so great, and I just know they’re going to have an awesome time.

When I was done, Chris picked me up and we wandered the mall for a few hours killing time until Steve’s birthday dinner!

We decided on Hibachi which I was so excited for, but ended up waiting forever to eat even though we had reservations. The people at the table where we were to be seated had finished before we even arrived, and despite the fact that we were obviously waiting, they just continued to sit and sip their drinks FOR AN HOUR rather than heading to a bar or, ya know, not drinking their faces off prior to driving home. Anyway, we eventually sat and it was worth the wait.


The birthday boys (Steve has a twin) had a great time and so did we.

Sunday was another early morning for us as we had to drive into the city so I could drop some things off at a medical lab. I’ve been dealing with a host of (blessedly) minor medical issues lately including increasingly annoying digestive problems, anxiety (maybe related, maybe not) and getting diagnosed with a very benign blood disorder called Thalassemia (I have a very mild form). All these ailments have resulted in about 6 doctors appointments in 2 weeks. It’s not fun, but I’m eager to get it taken care of before our trip, and I’m thankful for health insurance. Sunday was just a drop off so it was quick, but it was still a pain to wake up and drive into the city. Thankfully, Chris did all the driving because he is a saint.

After our mini adventure we went on a chilly four mile run then came back and cleaned for a long time. It was needed, and our apartment looks lovely now. I met my mom for lunch which was just what I needed then came back home to finally relax and unwind.

We watched Dream House


which looked like it should have been amazing with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. I remembered seeing the trailer and thinking it looked very cool. Turns out seeing the trailer was the worst thing I could have done. The “surprise” that comes about 40 minutes into the movie is totally revealed in the trailer. So, the first half of the movie was basically a waste of time for me. How does that happen? How do you give away the twist in the movie in the preview?? The rest of the movie was just ok. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Oh and I spent the weekend mezmerized by this beauty


Ok. It’s a little cloudy there, but the moon was gigantic (I guess the moon doesn’t really grow; it just appears closer to the earth, but that’s less fun to say) all weekend, and it was so amazing. The world is just awesome sometimes.

Have a great week!


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