Kind Words February

I love February. I’ve always loved it. I think I enjoy the symmetry of a 28-day month. Four perfect weeks. I like that February 1st and March 1st are the same day of the week. I’m a little neurotic about that. (Don’t even get me started on leap years. I just can’t.)

I also love Valentine’s Day. I know it’s not the most popular holiday, and I get why, but VDay has never really been about romantic love for me. We always celebrated it as a family. My mom would give us cute stuffed animals and candy, and we’d make her heart shaped cards. That’s a tradition I hope to continue with my family. I love the love.


I didn’t make a lot of progress on my goals this month, but that’s ok because most of them are going to take more than a month.

  1. PR in the 5k- nope; no 5ks run.
  2. beat 2012 half marathon times- nope; no halfs run, but I am registered.
  3. bike a century- nope; no biking at all.
  4. try to be more vegetarian- nope; actually moving backwards on this one by having two meatballs on Saturday. Not good. I’m trying though.
  5. try out full bangs- nope; no money for haircuts right now. I’m trying to hold out until April.
  6. read 15 books- nope; stuck on The Dog Stars which I thought I’d love, but is actually boring me to death. I am listening to Game of Thrones Storm of Swords on audio though which is pretty neat.
  7. learn a new skill, preferably with my hands- yep! IMG_1749[1]      I made that scarf. I crocheted it. It’s a little longer and not quite as wide as I hoped, but I think it’s a good first effort and Moshi agrees.
  8. practice patience and kindnes-sort of; more on this below.
  9. continue volunteering with Alpha Chi-yep; oh yes. Recruitment is in full swing and we are busy bees.
  10. fully fund my 3 months living expenses emergency savings account- nope; but I didn’t take any money out of my savings account!
  11. pay off my smallest student loan- nope; I’m hoping to put my tax refund towards either this or my savings. Any suggestions?
  12. become a CIA- nope; but I have been studying my butt off (I wish!). The exam is in 17 short days. It’s crunch time.

So, about the kindness. I’ve been really into reddit lately. Chris got me addicted, and now I can’t stop.  I like the silly pics a lot, but what I really love are the “Ask Reddit”s. For those unfamiliar, someone poses a question, and everybody weighs in. Anyway, I stumbled up one the other day that was something along the lines of “What’s something that everyone says that hurts you deeper than anybody realizes?” and it really got to me.

The thread was filled with people lamenting the use of words like “retard” and “gay” or sayings like “that exam just raped me” or “I’m going to kill myself.” These are words and phrases that we really do hear all the time. Most people don’t mean it harmfully, but for anyone who can relate to these terms, it can deal a pretty strong blow.

I don’t think most of us mean to make others feel bad when we use these terms. We do it without thinking. What a stupid excuse though. I mean, when is it ever ok not to think? We’re all human beings blessed with (supposedly) higher capacities for thought. We should use them. So, this February, the month of love, I’m focusing on kindness by way of thinking before I speak. When it rains and my umbrella breaks, I will not say, “This is the worst day of my life!” I will say, “This is a total bummer.” When I make a dumb mistake, I will not say, “I’m going totally crazy.” I will say, “I must be tired.” It’s little things, and I know it sounds overly sensitive, but if being overly sensitive is the worst way I can be described, I’m ok with that.

“Be kind; For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


Onwards. Friday afternoon, I drove to New Brunswick to help the Alpha Chis with the first night of recruitment.





They were awesome! They put so much heart into decorating their house (Tea Party!) and preparing, and they met and spoke with 100 new women interesting in becoming a part of Greek Life. So cool. I know it might sound silly especially if you’re not really familiar with sororities, but honestly it teaches you so many great life skills. I was so much more prepared for post-college job interviews after years of recruitment. To this day, even with all my awkwardness, it’s incredibly rare that I can’t make conversation with anyone. Thanks Alpha Chi!

I mostly did behind-the-scenes stuff, and the girls continued to work hard all weekend. I’ll be back to help them out next weekend, and I can’t wait to meet our new members Sunday!


Saturday, Chris and I woke up slowly (which was lovely) then headed over to Debbie and Mike’s to visit their cats (our best friends 4lyfe) while they were at a wedding in Texas. Laser was happy to see us


Libby not so much



That’s actually her “We’re secret best friends, and I don’t want anyone else to know about it, so I’m pretending to be afraid of you” face. I know it because we’re best friends.

After visiting our buddies, we headed off to Queens to make pizza with Chris’ family! It was fun, and we tried like 89 different types of delicious pizza. I ate gluten! I had a blood test done that revealed that I don’t have Celiac Disease (thank God), and avoiding gluten is annoying and inconvenient, so I’m attempting to reintegrate it into my diet. I think I overdid it on Saturday, but it was cool and felt very badass (I have a boring life) to eat pizza without hesitation.

Sunday was the usual run, clean the apartment, cook some things and relax routine with some extra studying thrown in for good measure. I finished my reading materials for the exam while running 4 miles. It was excruciatingly boring, but it did the trick. Now, it’s just review, review, review for the next couple of weeks.

We watched the Super Bowl and cheered on the Ravens because we didn’t have an interest in either team but both went to school with Ray Rice (I met him!), so it was a good game for us. The commercials were pretty good too. I think my favorite was the “God made a farmer spot.” I cried like a baby and declared that I was quitting my job to become a farmer. It’s happening.

It’s going to be a crazy month. I knew it going in, but it’s already wearing me down a bit. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize. Jamaica in 20 days. Thank goodness. Happy February. I love you all.


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