Jamaica Part II

In case you missed the part where we got engaged(!!!)… Part I

The rest of our Jamaican adventure was just wonderful.


Every morning we started with omelets, toast and fresh fruit at the breakfast buffet.


We also quickly learned to reserve beach chairs as soon as we woke up. Those things go quickly!



We went to the gym twice mostly because we had brought gym clothes and weren’t sure what else to do with them. The gym was nice and clean but very hot, so we did a quick two miles each time before getting cleaned up and hitting the beach. We read and ate a lot. The food was pretty good for an all inclusive. All the Caribbean fare was delicious, and the rest of the food offerings were good if not great. We’re both big grazers, so we found ourselves wishing their were more snacks available throughout the day, but we never went hungry.


Proof that I did eat a salad. Once. With fried chicken.


We tried to really take advantage of the water sports since we were eating basically all day. We tried ocean kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and snorkeling. I’m not gonna lie, I was really terrified to snorkel. They took us out into the ocean and sort of just told us to go for it. The water was choppy, and I had a really tough time getting used to breathing through the snorkel, so I sort of panicked a bit. Chris calmed me down though, and once I relaxed and floated, it really was beautiful.



I was so excited to try stand up paddle boarding, and it was no joke. The currents were pretty strong, and if you stopped paddling for even one second, you’d get pulled out far from the resort shoreline. It quickly became very tiring. It was fun, but if I did it again, I’d only do it in a much calmer body of water. It was a little too unnerving drifting out to sea so quickly.

The water was beautiful and clear and warm. Swimming along the shoreline was wonderful.


We stayed at Sandals Royal Caribbean, but there were actually two more Sandals’ resorts in Montego Bay, so one day we took a bus to the Sandals Montego Bay just to check it out, and it looked awesome.



Everything was so beautiful and well maintained. Sandals Montego Bay was the largest of the three, while ours was right in the middle size-wise. I chose Royal Caribbean because I’d read that it was a little more grown-up and less wild, but from the looks of Sandals Montego Bay, it seems like that would have been a really amazing place to stay too. I don’t regret staying where we did because we had a great time, but I’d definitely give Montego Bay a shot.

Usually we’d get tired of the sun and beach around 4 every day and head into the shade for some tea time and board games. What’d I tell you? We’re partiers.



I won Scrabble but lost Chess twice and Jenga once.

The only other annoying part of our trip was the dress code. They were pretty strict about dressing semi-formally for dinner. I don’t mind getting dressed up, but I don’t like arbitrary rules (like close-toed shoes when cute sandals are definitely dressy enough), so I got pretty irritated at all the restaurant dress restrictions. Still, it was nice to get all pretty for pictures before dinner.


My favorite meal was at the Caribbean restaurant. The food was just so flavorful and fresh.

The meal we’d been most excited for though was Thai. Sandals has a giant Thai restaurant on a small private island just offshore of our resort. We booked a spot there for our last night, and were really excited as we both love Thai. It was just ok. We’re kind of spoiled with tons of delicious Thai options in Jersey City, and this really just tasted like take-out Chinese food. It wasn’t bad. It was well prepared and beautifully presented, but it missed the mark.


IMG_2019 IMG_2020

Despite the disappointing Thai, our trip was wonderful. I think the people were really what made it for us. The entire resort staff was just so incredibly friendly. It went above and beyond normal standards for service. They all really went out of their way to be warm and welcoming. We had a very hard time saying good-bye.


I’m so glad we chose Jamaica and Sandals. This was the trip of a lifetime, and I’ll remember every minute of it.


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