Long Branch Half Week 1

It’s been very interesting around here lately! I’m not complaining, but it’s hard to pull my head out of the clouds. Still, time marches on and so must I. We’ve got a half marathon in 9 weeks, and it’s time to get training!

I went to my source for all things running, Runner’s World, and made a training plan for Chris and me to follow.

There will be some adjustments made (for example, it maxes us out at a 9 mile long run, when we both really feel more comfortable with 10-11 milers in the bag), but overall I really like it. I haven’t been paying any attention to running lately, so it starts off nice and slow and gradually picks up.

I used my finish time for the Ted Corbitt 15k as a recent race, and even though it was a few months ago (when I was in better shape), I was feeling so terribly sick that day (so didn’t run my best race). I figure it’s a good indicator of where I am now.

This was the plan for last week:

  • 3 miles @ 11:26
  • 4 miles, inc warm; 2 miles @9:43; cool
  • 4 miles @ 11:26

What’d I say? Nice and easy.

Here’s how it went down:

  • Monday3 lovely outside miles with Chris chatting about wedding planning! We’re in the pre-pre-preliminary planning stages, so it was all high level stuff, but very exciting.
  • Tuesday- 35 grueling minutes of Skinny Girl Yoga with Bethenny. Tough stuff. Some days I feel good enough to do all three sections of the DVD. Tuesday was not one of those days.
  • Wednesday– Chris and I braved the terrible, awful gym since we were afraid we might blow away if we tried to run outside. We did a warm up mile at between 5.2 and 5.5 on the ‘mill then picked it up for 2 miles at 6.2 (9:40ish) and finally cooled down at 5.5 for the last mile. I felt… ok. Like, physically, I’m out of shape. I got a wicked side stitch about halfway through the first tempo mile that would not let up until cool down, and I felt winded and heavy.  I’ve been keeping the treadmill at a 1% incline during my “easy runs” but I just kept it level on Wednesday, and I think that helped the mileage not seem so tough. Surprisingly, my mental game was A-OK. I never felt like it was unmanageable, just like it was work, which I guess it’s supposed to be. I know it’s just the first tempo run, but my battles are won and lost in my head, so this was great.
  • Thursday- semi-planned rest day. It’s hard for me to switch between AM and PM workouts, and I knew I had dinner Thursday night with one of my favorite people, so I sort of decided I’d just rest Thursday.
  • Friday20 minutes elliptical; weights & such. I found myself with a little free time on Friday before heading out to dinner for a friend’s birthday celebration, so I decided to hit the gym. I warmed up with 20 slow minutes on the elliptical then worked on some weight stuff. I focused mostly on my legs (lunges, squats, dead lifts) but also threw in a little arms and abs. I still don’t love weights, but they’re definitely becoming more bearable.
  • Saturday4 miles in 41 minutes. Chris and I headed out outside for this run on the first lovely day of the year. It was so weird because Friday was a snowy mess, and then Saturday was sunny and beautiful and almost 50 degrees! We’re definitely back in New Jersey. The run was good. I still felt it, but was mostly distracted by the sights and conversation. First long run done!
  • Sunday- 15 much more pleasant minutes of Skinny Girl Yoga. I just did the last part that I skipped on Tuesday as I was already tired from a couple hours of sweaty spring cleaning. Something about changing those clocks makes me want to clean everything.

Even though it was only three days of running, it still felt like a lot to commit to. How crazy is that? I used to run every day, but I guess you’re body gets used to any schedule. It feels good to be back on the running train. With all the (wonderful, amazing) things going on, it feels very peaceful to get out there and just run for a little while. That’s the extent of my deep thoughts. Until next week… happy trails!


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