Long Branch Half Week 2

Ah week two. No deep thoughts, so we’ll jump right in.

The Plan:

  • Monday- 3 easy miles
  • Tuesday- gym
  • Wednesday- 4 miles: warm; 2 mile repeats at 9:13, w 800 jogs; cool
  • Thursday- rest
  • Friday- gym
  • Saturday- 5 mile long run
  • Sunday- yoga

How it went down:

  • Monday- 3 miles outside avg pace of 10:30. The weather was surprisingly nice Monday night, and with our new-found extra hour of evening light, Chris and I decided to take our run to the streets. We had a lot to talk about (more wedding stuff, but other stuff too), so the miles flew by and we actually ended up going a little farther than we  needed to. I love when that happens.
  • Tuesday- 30 minutes on the elliptical; arms and abs. This was one of those days where the minute I stepped on the elliptical I wanted off. I don’t know where the motivation to power through came from, but I’m glad because I felt better afterwards. I did a little bicep and tricep work, a plank and crunches because I knew I didn’t want to do Wednesday’s speedwork on sore legs.
  • Wednesday- 4 miles with speedwork. Despite the forecast predicted much cooler weather coming in, Wednesday was beautiful (if very windy), so Chris and I headed outside again for our speedwork. We warmed up for a mile then sped up to hit the second mile in 9:02, cooled down for 1/2 a mile, repeated another mile at 9:04, then rounded it out with 1/2 mile cool down. I was so excited that I finally figured out how to program these mile repeats into my Garmin, but somehow I screwed it up, and reset the entire thing in the middle. I’m closer to understanding how that brick of a watch works. That’s something. As for the run, it was tough for sure (especially dodging people and fighting the wind), but my legs felt strong, and it definitely does help the miles tick by more quickly.
  • Thursday- rest day. We went out for margaritas and tacos, and it was a lovely alternative to running.
  • Friday- rest day. I planned on maybe hitting the gym or something, but when Debbie texted me after work to see if I wanted to go look at an apartment for sale with her, I was all over that! It was really cool to get an inside look on Jersey City real estate. As far as the gym, I gotta start making the effort to go in the mornings because too much life happens in the afternoons.
  • Saturday- 5 mile run, avg pace 11:10. Chris and I did our longest run in a while outside right before the snow started to fall. Snow on St. Patrick’s Day weekend isn’t unheard of, I guess, but it is inconvenient. I’m glad we were at least able to get our run out  of the way first.
  • Sunday- rest day. Again, I planned on maybe doing some yoga or something, but after driving to the beach to look at two potential wedding venues, then driving back, I was exhausted and opted for a nap instead.

As you can see, I started this week off strong then sort of tapered on the back end. Honestly, I’m not disappointed. The point of this training cycle was to get fit without spending every minute training, so my goal has been to hit every required run, and anything above that is icing on the cake. I’m glad that I got four quality workouts in. I probably could have used a little yoga, but I spent about 20 minutes after our long run foam rolling and stretching, so I think I’ll be ok.


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