this weekend and a look ahead

Even though I just wrapped the most wonderful month of my life, you know how it is when you get back from vacation. It’s hard readjusting to real life. Throw in Daylight Savings Time or ending Daylight Savings Time (I can never keep those straight) and it makes for a bit of a slump. So, instead of wallowing, I’m focusing on all the fun I had this weekend the good times ahead.

This weekend I went to go look at a Jersey City apartment with Debbie, and it was a blast! We’ll be in the market for something a little more permanent soon, so it was nice to take a peek at what we can expect. Even though I don’t think we’ll ever find a view like this


Saturday was our long run day followed by some quality relaxation then a fun night out with Debbie and Mike. We went to HopsScotch for some drinks and once we saw the board games in the lounge decided to stay for dinner and an impromptu game night.






We played 80’s Trivial Pursuit boys vs girls. The answers were pretty much the Soviet Union, George Bush and Richard Nixon. Despite my clearly extensive knowledge of the decade, we lost and the boys won in the lightening round.

We ended up having such a blast, that we decided to take the party back to our apartment for more games and cookies


Settlers of Catan. It was really fun once we got the hang of it. Mike beat us all. Next time…

Sunday Chris and I were up and off to see a couple wedding venues in Spring Lake, NJ. We’ve been priced out of Jersey City for the day and time we’re looking for, so we decided to see what the shore had to offer. We visited two venues. One was a let down, but the other was great! There’s a few more places we want to look into, but it’s reassuring to have options. I’ll post an update when I have any.

It was a little over an hour each way, so when we got back we were pretty beat and decided it was the perfect opportunity for a nap. It’s so rare that I actually nap, but it was really wonderful.

We rounded out the day with Thai takeout and Supersize Me. Not a bad weekend at all if you ask me.

Looking ahead, I’ve got quite a few exciting things coming up that I just can’t wait for!

  • Next Thursday: celebrating my engagement with the ladies!



the girls (minus Jenn, plus Cam)

  • Next Sunday: a chili cook-off!
  • Easter weekend: food and family time.
  • April 7: the Cherry Blossom 10k, my favorite NJ race!


  • April 15: turning 26!
  • April 18-21: off to sunny Florida to see my most adorable grandparents!!!!



from our visit last year

So yeah, there’s a lot of wonderful going on around here. I’m glad I finished this post before the weekend ended because now I’m thinking Monday won’t be so bad after all.



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