Long Branch Half Training Week 3

Since things have been a little heavy around here lately, I’ll lighten the mood with a little run talk. I was hoping to be able to provide some wedding updates to really liven things up, but we’re mostly waiting right now. Not much new to report yet.

Now, on to the running.

The Plan:

  • Monday- PM elliptical and legs 
  • Tuesday- 4 miles @ 11:20
  • Wednesday- AM incline walking
  • Thursday- AM elliptical and arms and abs
  • Friday- 4 mile tempo w 2 miles @ 9:37
  • Saturday- rest
  • Sunday- 6 mile long run @ 11:20

The results:

  • Monday– 20 minutes of “hills” on the elliptical followed by 15 weighted squats, 15 weighted lunges, 15 weighted deadlifts and 15 hip raises. I probably should have done another round, but I didn’t want sore legs.
  • Tuesday– 4 miles @ 10:45ish. I don’t remember the exact timing, but it was a nice, fun run. The weather surprised us by being warmer than predicted, and we were extra glad we chose to do the run Tuesday instead of snowy Monday. It does feel like these runs are getting easier because the 4 miles just slipped right by.
  • Wednesday– skipped. I probably should have gotten up, but I haven’t been feeling so hot lately, so I chose sleep over an early wake up call, and I think it was the right choice.
  • Thursday– almost skipped again because I didn’t wake up early, but I found myself with a window of time between work and dinner plans with the girls and decided to hit the gym. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by bicep curls, rows and tricep kick backs, planks and crunches. I’m glad I made it!
  • Friday– We almost forgot about this run entirely because we never run on Fridays, but we remembered and did it. Chris prefers tempos. I prefer speedwork, but this was bearable and went by quickly enough. Our tempo pace (9:30) is starting to feel a little less horrendous, so I guess that’s a sign that training is moving along.
  • Saturday– rest day. We drove out to PA to visit a long-time friend of mine and her new baby. Even though we didn’t do much, 4 hours in the car had us both pretty exhausted. Funny how that works.
  • Sunday- 6 miles @ 10:40. This was a much nicer run than expected. The weather is still stupidly cold here,but the sun was shining, and Chris and I fell into a nice groove.

So, that was the week. So far, training has fit nicely into our schedule, but next week will be the first time it presents a challenge. We have a lot going on, and scheduling in the runs might be tough. Times like this I find myself with mixed emotions about having an upcoming race.

On the one hand, it makes us way more likely to do our training runs, which is, of course, great for our physical health. On the other hand, it provides yet another obligation in an already busy week, which is taxing for our mental health. There always comes a point in training where I start to think, “I should probably just run for fun from now on.” But I always sign up for another race. It’s tricky. I guess that’s life though. It’s all about finding balance, and I’m still working on that.

To end on a much more fun note: what’s the best way to end a long run? Well, with a chili cook-off of course!

We didn’t win, but we loved competing! It was the most delicious loss I’ve ever suffered!


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