Long Branch Half Training Week 4

Yeesh! Sorry for the delay. It was a busy weekend. Today is one of my favorite days. There’s nothing I love more than a good natured prank. I told a few silly stories today, but obviously Google has me beat on the April Fools-ing.


There’s more rest than anything on this week’s plan, so I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

The Plan:

  • Monday- 4 mile tempo run w/ 2 miles @ 9:34
  • Tuesday- 3 miles easy
  • Wednesday- 5 miles easy
  • Thursday- rest day
  • Friday- rest day
  • Saturday- rest day
  • Sunday- 3 easy miles or rest

The results:

  • Monday- 4 miles w/ 2 @9:34. Avg overall time: 10:10. This run felt surprisingly good. Coming off of our weekly long run the day before and feeling really tired by Monday evening, I didn’t have high hopes. Add in a March snowstorm (meaning my run would be on the treadmill) and a busy fiance (running alone), and I thought it would be torture, but it wasn’t bad. The first three miles were lovely. I listed to Game of Thrones on Audible while I warmed up then switched to Today’s Hits on Pandora for the tempo, and the change seemed to really help pep me up. The toughest mile was the cool down because I just wanted to be done and out of that gym. But, I finished and was glad.
  • Tuesday- rest day. I thought about running today, but after the long run and the tempo, was feeling really depleted. Knowing I had a run on Wednesday, I decided not to push my luck with 4 runs in a row and just take a break.
  • Wednesday- 5 mile run avg pace 10:42. Chris and I got to run outside! In the sunshine! It was lovely, and long. This was the first weeknight run that felt really long. I’m not sure if it was because it was just one mile short of the previous week’s long run or if my legs were tired after Monday’s run, but I started checking my watch every 12 seconds after the third mile. The good news (?) is that it my legs and not my lungs that felt tired. I felt it in my feet and ankles during and after the run. I’m hoping some new shoes (I’m due!) will at least help if not totally alleviate that problem.
  • Thursday- rest day. I didn’t think running the day before a fast was a great plan, so I rested instead.
  • Friday-rest day. All liquid diets and running do not mix.
  • Saturday- rest day. No exercise allowed as per the doctor’s orders following my procedure. Oh well! Twist my arm 🙂
  • Sunday- rest day. Even if I had the energy to run (I did not), I didn’t have the time. Between breakfast with my mom and sister and lunch/dinner with Chris’ family, we spent the day eating and laughing just the way holidays should be.

This week was all over the place because of my colonoscopy and Easter. We were really supposed to do a 4 mile tempo, a 5 mile easy run and a 7 mile long run, but there was really no great time to fit in the 7 mile run. Knowing that I’d be a liquid diet all day Friday running was really out of the question. I sometimes feel ravenous for 24 hours after a long run too, so I figured I’d play it safe and rest Thursday too. Saturday was the actual day of the procedure, and I had no idea what to expect, so that was out. Sunday was our only day left, and it was pretty full of fun and family. There really wasn’t going to be time for a 7 mile run if we wanted to shower, which our families tend to appreciate.

Training is so tricky because life always pops up and gets in the way. I’m not sure when/if we’re going to get this long run in. I don’t think this upcoming half marathon will be a PR. I know I said I wanted one this year, but with wedding planning and house hunting, it just doesn’t make sense to stress over half marathon training right now. Runs are a release for me, with everything else that’s going on, and I don’t want to lose that by putting pressure on myself to rigidly adhere to a training cycle.

Oh, and I walked this cutie pie twice this weekend! What a luck lady I am!

Look at those lovey dovey eyes! What a cutie!

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