All liquids all the time

Hi there! Just checking in to update everyone on my pre-colonoscopy preparations. I woke up feeling a little nervous, but  my really wonderful doctor’s office called and answered all my questions, so I’m feeling pretty ok.

I started the day with a cup of black coffee and a cup of apple juice that I microwaved for a minute.



Cute mugs help everything go down easier.

I scrambled up one egg for breakfast, but, honestly, after all that liquid I wasn’t very hungry.

After that, it was clear liquids only for the rest of the day. I’ve been spending my time just trying to keep the fluids coming.



I wanted to get an idea of what 8oz and 16oz looks like, so I measured out some apple juice to start.



Luckily, my Ikea glasses are just over 16oz, and my owl mug is just over 80z so that made everything really easy. I had a little bit of everything I bought yesterday including coconut water, Jell-O and chicken broth, and I kept a tally of how many ounces I was taking in. I’m well over 100 already. Woof.







The Jell-O is sugar free (is all Jell-O that way?), so it’s pretty disgusting, but it’s the only “chewable” thing, so it makes me feel a little like I’m eating. The chicken broth is the most satiating though. It’s not a meal, but it’s better than all the sugary juice.

This was my lunch:



Ginger-ale, chicken broth and orange Jell-O (it’s just as gross as the green). I’m not hungry so much as I just miss eating. I miss food. I wonder if it misses me too.

As far as keeping busy. I painted my nails.



Gratuitous ring shot! I obviously could have taken a picture of my right hand, but where’s the fun in that?

I think this is a pretty great color for Easter.

That took up all of ten minutes, so I turned to my best friend, TV. I finished all of season two of Game of Thrones yesterday, and I didn’t want to watch or read anything that would make me hungry today. What did I turn to?



The Walking Dead of course. Nothing kills an apetite quicker than zombies.

I have a few more hours until I have to start taking the medicine, and I’m sure I won’t want to check in after that, so I guess this is it until tomorrow! Here’s hoping I don’t float away in the meant time!


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