Colonoscopy Prep and Procedure

Ok. This is the last post about my colon. I promise. If you have questions, feel free to email me as I’m happy to talk about it, but I do want to give some home buying updates. Those are coming soon!

Anyway, so when I last checked in, I was fasting, but not really prepping yet. The fasting wasn’t too bad. I had eaten more than usual the day before, so I didn’t really start to get ravenously hungry until around 5pm on Friday. Better than I thought. Chris was really sweet and went out to dinner by himself rather than eat right in front of me, which definitely helped make it easier.

Luckily, as soon as I started getting hungry it was the time to start taking all the preparation meds, so I had a nice distraction. I was nervous about taking the medicine because I have a sensitive stomach, and it’s a lot of liquid. All in all, you have to drink 4 liters of the mixture. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad.

Lots of sources online said to chill the mixture to make it more palatable, but I left mine at room temperature because my stomach tends to cramp up when I drink too much of anything cold. The taste started off like a very bad dirty martini (salty and kinda murky and missing all the fun gin and olives), but by my fourth liter, it tasted more like dirty ocean water. It’s not great. Still, it’s not nearly as bad as people say it is. I didn’t have to hold my nose, and I didn’t gag. I started off drinking 8oz every 15 minutes, but towards the end I wanted to be done with it, so I just kept drinking it continually. It took me from 5pm to 8:45 to drink the entire mixture. Some people do it in 2 hours, but I drank as much as I could at a time until my stomach started to feel too full. Then, I stopped and waited then drank some more. I think not chugging it helped me keep from getting sick.

I didn’t really feel bad at all. My stomach never really hurt, and I never felt like I was going to pass out. I felt fine by 10pm and was able to sleep through the night completely.

I woke up at 6:15 feeling pretty ill. I think all the stomach acid that had built up overnight in my empty stomach was making me sick. I got up and walked around a bit, and by 7:15 I was feeling fine again. I was super hungry though and starting to feel a little light headed. We left for the doctor around 9 because we wanted to beat any traffic into the city and find parking, but I think next time I would stay home longer. We got to the doctor’s by 9:30, and waiting in the reception area for an hour was no fun. I just felt very dizzy and anxious.



this is my “I’m terrified” face

At 10:40, they led me into the recovery room to change into a gown and get prepped. That’s when I started to get really nervous. It’s just a lot of machinery. The anesthesiologist came and inserted the IV into my arm (Spoiler alert: that was the most painful part of the procedure, and it really didn’t hurt that badly. This is a really painless procedure.) and explained the process to me. That helped calm my nerves a teeny bit, but when they hooked me up to a heart monitor and put the oxygen tube in my nose, I lost it again and started crying. I’m not a big crier, but I was feeling overwhelmed. My doctor used a paper towel to wipe my tears, which I thought was very compassionate. He’s a great doctor.

When the anesthesiologist started injecting the anesthesia into the tube in my arm, the last thing I remember is saying, “It feels like my face has pins and needles!” That’s really it. It’s an odd, tingling sensation then you are OUT. Like in less than a second. I’m the most anxious person I know. If I take Tylenol PM, I fight it and never fall asleep, but anesthesia is the real deal. There’s no fighting it. You just drift off. I remember dreaming, but I can’t remember about what.

Literally, the next thing I knew, I was back in the recovery room. The whole procedure took 15 minutes! Waking up from anesthesia is like getting drunk backwards. You wake up and feel just like you do when you’ve had two drinks too many and you need to either go home immediately or eat an entire pizza or both. You can’t remember what you said three minutes ago, so you just repeat yourself constantly, and everything is funny.



I made the nurse take a picture of me to document how good I was feeling. I then took 8 selfies for no reason at all, but I’ll spare you those

Within 20 minutes you feel like you do when you’ve had 3-4 drinks. You’re groggy and sleepy, but you know what’s going on around you. Within 30 minutes you feel like you had 2 drinks. You wouldn’t drive a car or sign a mortgage loan, but you can focus a little bit. By 40 minutes, I just felt a little sleepy, but otherwise fine, so they told me a I was good to go! Obviously it differs with how much anesthesia you receive, and I only had a small amount since it was such a short procedure. But it’s really not intimidating at all, and I’m intimidated by everything.

During the procedure, they found and removed one small polyp, which they’re going to biopsy just in case. They said everything else looked totally fine and normal. That’s great news!

I was cleared to eat whatever I wanted, and after 27 hours of fasting, I was super hungry, so Chris and I drove right from the doctor’s to the bagel place. It was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. After brunch (?) and a quick shower I slept for about an hour and woke up feeling almost totally fine. I had a small stomach ache and a little bit of a loss of apetite, but otherwise it just felt like a slight hangover. Sorry for all the alcohol references, but it’s really the best way to describe it.

Overall, it’s a really easy procedure, and it’s totally worth it for the peace of mind. I still don’t have answers on my stomach issues, but I’m really grateful that this procedure ruled out a lot of the more serious problems. I’ll keep looking for an answer on my stomach, but I’m so glad I did this. End colon talk (hopefully forever).



6 thoughts on “Colonoscopy Prep and Procedure

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  2. yay I am so glad you got through that 🙂 I have a doctors appointment tomorrow for some issues I’ve been having related to childbirth 😦 I might have to have surgery.. I plan on kinda mentioning it on my blog soon.. after I know more about whats going on!

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