Long Branch Half Training Week 5

What a week! We hunted for houses and visited another wedding venue. Life feels like it’s moving at warp speed, and oddly I’m not too stressed. I’m really just trying to take it all in and enjoy it. I know that once we’ve bought our home and gotten married, life will slow down significantly, and I want to have really vivid memories of this amazingly fun time.

We’re a little behind where we should be in our training plan right now. We missed last week’s 7 miler completely, and this week had 8 on the schedule as our long run, but we really ran 6. I think we can make it up by running an 8 and then a 10, but I’m not sure if we’ll be feeling totally prepared. Honestly, this training period just sort of got away from us.

The plan:

  • Monday- 3 mile easy run
  • Tuesday- rest
  • Wednesday- 3 mile easy run
  • Thursday- gym
  • Friday- 3 mile easy run
  • Saturday- rest
  • Sunday- Cherry Blossom 10k

The actual:

  • Monday- 3 miles in 32 minutes; avg pace 10:40. After a very restful week, I was itching to run all day. I forgot how good that feeling is. Actually wanting to run rather than just having to is lovely. It was almost 60* out during the afternoon, and I was so excited to run outside! Unfortunately, it was raining with 30 mph winds after work, so I was stuck on the treadmill. I cranked it up to a 1% incline, and it was tough! I was a little creaky, and it was hot and boring, but I was glad to get my legs moving.
  • Tuesday-rest on the exercise front, but otherwise a crazy day!
  • Wednesday- 3 miles in 32 minutes; avg pace 10:40. Despite the fact that this run was outside and Monday’s run was on a treadmill, I hit the exact same pace with Chris. I can’t believe it’s April, and I haven’t run in shorts yet this year. It’s bumming me out.
  • Thursday- rest. Chris and I went to his cousin’s grandmother’s wake out in Queens. I thought it would be very sad, but it was actually a beautiful service. It was truly more a celebration of her life, and we both left feeling uplifted.
  • Friday- 3 miles in 32 minutes; avg pace 10:40. I guess we found “our pace” huh?
  • Saturday- rest day with lots of walking
  • Sunday- Cherry Blossom 10k in 1:06:45; avg pace 10:45.


The Cherry Blossom 10k was as wonderful as always, but this year was extra exciting because Debbie and Mike ran it with us!



It was so much warmer last year, and I really should have worn pants this year, but this race always makes me think of spring, so I just sort of faked it in shorts. The turnout was noticeably less than last year. I’m thinking maybe it’s a combination of the race being a week earlier and New Jersey being unseasonably cold. Still, there were a few Cherry Blossoms in bloom, so the course was as beautiful as always.

IMG_2185 IMG_2187 IMG_2186 IMG_2188

I was also surprised to find that this is a remarkably accurate course. It differed from my Garming by less than .05 miles, and I wasn’t really sticking to the tangents. We almost skipped this race because we’ve been so busy lately, but I’m really glad we made time for it because we ended up really enjoying it.


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