Long Branch Half Marathon Training Week 6

This week’s long run left me feeling a bit more optimistic about this upcoming race. I’m not there yet mentally, but I’m getting closer.

The plan:

  • Monday- 2 easy miles
  • Tuesday- rest/xtrain
  • Wednesday- 4 miles; inc w/u; 2×1600 @ 9:04 w/ 800 jogs; cool
  • Thursday- 2 easy miles
  • Friday- rest/xtrain
  • Saturday- 8 miles
  • Sunday rest’

The actual:

  • Monday- rest day. My mom had a bit of a medical thing going on that kept me busy all day, so this run didn’t happen.
  • Tuesday- 4 miles; avg pace 10:22. Tuesday was so beautiful in Jersey City. The weather topped out at almost 80* and it was sunny with a nice little breeze. This was the weather we’d been waiting for all year. Chris and I decided to take advantage of it was 4 easy miles, and the only downside was dodging all the people out and about enjoying the weather. Just a perfect day. We both felt stiff and heavy from our race on Sunday, and figured we probably should have stretched a bit afterwards, but we made up for it with some quality stretching after our 4 miler.
  • Wednesday-rest day. The weather was teetering on the brink of being a nice day or being a too-cold-for-April day all day Wednesday, and when I left work, I thought it might be nice enough for outdoor activities, but I wasn’t really up for another run, so I suggested a bike ride to Chris and he was down. We brought the bikes down (no small task in an apartment) and rode around the block before quickly realizing that we had crossed into too-cold-for-April territory and were underdressed and freezing. We cancelled our ride and were both pretty bummed.
  • Thursday- 3 easy miles; avg pace: 10:40. I don’t really remember this run, but it was probably good.
  • Friday- rest day. What a gross day Friday was. I had to walk around the city in the pouring rain in a suit and flats and wound up completely soaked. I came home and immediately took a hot shower which pretty much made a run out of the question.
  • Saturday- rest day. I contemplated a run, but spent the morning sidelined by stomach issues (my first rough patch in a while) then heading to Cranford for our home inspection (!!!) and finally went out and partied like a rockstar to ring in my 26th year (a little early).
  • Sunday- 8 miles in 1:29:15; avg pace 11:10. Tired and less than ideally hydrated, I did not have high hopes for this long run, but it was a blast! We waited to leave a little longer than usual, and the temperature was at it’s high point for the day by the time we hit the road. It was PERFECT running Sunny and around 65* with a little breeze. If I had been in better shape, I would have kept running all day. Happy early birthday to me!

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