Long Branch Half Training Week 7

Training… it’s going. That’s really all I can say about this cycle. I haven’t been paying any attention to pace, and I stopped doing the speedwork and tempo runs a few weeks ago. Shockingly (hah) I’m not getting any faster and will likely finish this half marathon in the same or possibly more time than the last. That was not the goal, but, it happens.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I gave up on this cycle and let it get away from me, but I’m going to guess that all the major life events that have been going on lately certainly contributed.

I’m thankful that for the most part, we’ve hit the long runs and come pretty close to our weekly mileage totals, but after 4 half marathons, I think I’m ready to challenge myself. I feel a little silly just running this one to finish. It will still be an accomplishment, but I feel like I could have saved $100 and just run 13 miles in 2 and a half hours on my own.

I’m not sure what comes after this, but I’m feeling kind of stagnant, and I’m ready to kick off the dust. After May 5th…

The Plan:

  • Monday- 2 easy birthday miles.
  • Tuesday- rest/xtrain
  • Wednesday- 5 miles w 3 @ 9:33
  • Thursday-rest/xtrain
  • Friday-2 easy miles
  • Saturday- 9 miles
  • Sunday- rest

The Actual:

  • Monday- rest day. Monday was a tough day for all of us. I was just devastated to hear the news from Boston. Honestly, I’m more mad than sad these days. I’m just so sick of some many lives being lost to senseless acts of despicable violence. I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm for a run, so Chris and I glued ourselves to the news coverage before he insisted that we peel ourselves away to go to the birthday dinner he’d planned for me. Sad day.
  • Tuesday2 easy, Garmin-less miles. Time unknown. Plus a little weights action in the form of some weighted squats and lunges, deadlifts, tricep work, and some abs.
  • Wednesday- 9 very sore miles in 1:41:41; avg pace 11:17. I don’t know why I thought doing leg work the day before a long run was a good idea. Don’t let me do that again. We made a sort of last minute decision to move our long run from the weekend to Wednesday because we left for Florida(!!) on Thursday night and knew we wouldn’t really want to make time for a 9 mile run on our already short trip.
  • Thursday- rest day. I was so sore I could barely walk. People at the office asked if I was injured. We had a late flight out of Newark anyway, so it was a nice rest day.
  • Friday- rest day with lots of walking. Our late flight turned into an even later flight with lots of delays on both ends, so we didn’t make it to my grandparent’s house until 3:30 in the morning! Clearly we needed sleep more than we needed a run, so we slept then walked around a lot.
  • Saturday5 hilly, humid miles (with walking breaks) in 58 minutes; avg pace 11:34. Holy crow this run was hard! It was actually pretty chilly (50*) when we woke up on Saturday. So, we thought that would make for a pleasant run, and while it helped, the hills really took it out of us. Jersey City is so, so flat, and Chris and I are always walloped by hills when we do run them. This was no exception. We maintained a slow pace for the first 3.5 miles, then I just couldn’t do it. I stopped to walk, and it took me an entire half mile just to catch my breath. Yikes! I mustered up enough energy to run the last mile, but then I was spent! Hopefully the Long Branch Half is flatter.
  • Sunday- rest day. We spent from 9am to 4pm traveling then came home to a messy house and a bunch of mortgage documents to review and sign. By the time that was done, we ate a quick dinner and called it an early night.

Here’s to a much more peaceful week for our nation. I hope the biggest news story of the week is Reese Witherspoon’s night in the drunk tank.


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