House Hunting: The Home Inspection

I’ll keep this post short and sweet as the house hunting saga has been particularly long-winded.

After our offer was accepted and we went “under contract” we had the option of scheduling a home inspection. So long as your seller’s agree to it (they should) you can have a state licensed home inspector come check out your potential new home (you should). We were given a few names from our realtor and shopped around for the best price. We scheduled an appointment and told our sellers when we would need them to be out of the house.

So, a few Saturdays ago, we had our inspection! It was just one guy but he came prepared with a bunch of tools, a flashlight, a camera and pen and paper, and he reviewed every inch of our house.

He started in our basement where he looked at the ceiling and the floors for signs of a shifting foundation and other damage. He checked out all our major appliances (furnace, water heater, sump pump) and our electrical panel. He looked at the wiring and plumbing. All the while, he took notes and explained to us his thoughts on everything. If he found something he didn’t like, he took a picture of it for the report.

He poked around upstairs looking at the floors, walls, fireplace and kitchen wiring. Lastly, he checked out our roof and the outside of the house. It was really fun to tour around our almost new home and learn about it’s condition.

We were lucky in that we had a fairly clean inspection with no major issues. He found a few problems, but hopefully nothing that will prevent this deal from moving forward. He explained everything to us while we were at the house then followed up with a written report.

The next step is for us to review the findings with our attorney and determine how much money we’d want from the sellers if they refuse to fix the issues. We’ll ask some contractors for quotes to get a better idea of what the repairs would cost if we had to undertake them ourselves. Just because we’re asking for repairs or money to do them ourselves doesn’t mean the seller’s will agree to it, and I have a feeling they won’t. At that point, we’re on our own, but we can hope and are hoping that they’ll offer to at least fix some of the damages.

Once we learned that there were no major issues with the house that could potentially delay our move-in date, we told our leasing company. Their terms suck (as expected). We have to pay one month’s rent right off the bat for the “administrative costs” related to re-leasing our apartment. We also have to hope that they fill it quickly because we are responsible for all rent until the apartment is re-leased or our lease expires (November 2013). So, if you’re looking for a really great apartment at a really competitive price in Jersey City, let me know 😉




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