Wedding Dress Weekend

First of all… Happy Anniversary Chris! Our two years have magically felt like both 10 years and only hours. I mean to say, part of me feels like we’ve always been together while the other part of me feels like time flies by so quickly that I wish I could catch it and reel some of it back in. This has undoubtedly been the most amazing 2 years of my life, and the fun is just beginning. You are all that I could ask for in a partner and best friend, and I thank my lucky stars that you came along.

This weekend was so wonderful, I didn’t want it to end. Alas, rainy Monday is here, so I’ll have to settle for reliving it through pictures.

Friday night, Debbie and Mike took us to a place in Cranford they’ve been raving about call A Toute Heure. It’s a farm to table restaurant tucked away in a cute little house in the middle of a neighborhood, and it’s wonderful! Their menu changes daily, and the staff is so friendly and helpful.

Chris and I shared a pot of mixed olives to start.

For my main course, I had a huge pot of mussels with feta cheese and pesto in a delicious garlic broth plus a side of fries.

Even though I was about ready to burst at the seams, Chris and I decided we had to split the hazelnut pudding.

Wow! Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry all over again.

Saturday was beautiful and perfect, and I seriously hope the spring weather is here to stay.

Sunday wrapped up the weekend with a day I had been anticipating for weeks… dress shopping! One of my bridesmaids lives in Chicago, so when I found out she would be in town this weekend, I knew I had to try to get everyone together for some dress shopping. I emailed the moms and all the bridesmaids and everyone was free, so we were on!

I told Chris and the bridal party that there was no way that I’d be buying a dress. The wedding is over a year away, and I only had a small idea of the type of dress I wanted.

Along with my mom and little sister, my middle sister Annie drove up from Maryland for the day. Chris’ mom came along too! How lucky am I to have all these beautiful ladies in my family?

All my bridesmaids were able to come too!

Dress shopping! @amullen6 @mollymoo__ @judysukovich @debruns

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I picked out 5 dresses that were all very similar, and the consultant at David’s Bridal picked out 5 more. Molly also requested that I try on at least one “poofy” dress (I’m more interested in sheath style gowns), so I probably tried on close to 11 dresses.  I fell in love with the first one, and just couldn’t shake it. Many dresses later, everyone agreed that while there were definitely a few beautiful dresses, nothing could top the first one.

So, I bought a dress.

This isn’t it, silly. I won’t be posting it on the internet for a while. This was one of the contenders. It was a little too white and a lot too strapless for me.

I know it sounds kind of crazy that I bought the first dress I tried on during my first appointment over a year away from the wedding, but it makes a lot of sense to me. I generally have a pretty good idea of what I want. I’m a “know it when I see it” type, and I knew this was the one.  I’m happy to have found my dress but sad that it was over so quickly! I guess this just means I have a lot of shoe shopping to do, right?


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