Long Branch Half Training Week 8

Ummm…  so there are some surprises this week.

The plan:

  • Monday- 2 easy miles
  • Tuesday- rest
  • Wednesday- 5 miles; 3 @ 9:30
  • Thursday- 2 easy miles
  • Friday- rest
  • Saturday- 9 miles
  • Sunday-rest

The actual:

  • Monday- 2 miles in 21 minutes; avg pace 10:30
  • Tuesday- 2 miles in 19 minutes; avg pace 9:32. I just wanted this run to be over faster, and I was on the treadmill, so I just kept upping the speed. It was fine, but I was exhausted, so it’s very safe to say I will not be able to maintain the predicted 9:45 minute miles during our race. I think we’re looking at 10:45s. I finished this workout with some deadlifts, weighted squats and lunges, and some core work. This will likely be the last weight stuff I do before the race because it still makes me so sore for days!
  • Wednesday- rest; played a little lacrosse and took a walk with my sister and their dog.
  • Thursday- rest; met my mom for a super early sushi dinner then slipped into a food coma for the rest of the night.
  • Friday-3 easy miles.  
  • Saturday- 13 mile bike ride. Saturday was gorgeous! Definitely the best day of the year so far. Chris and I dusted the bikes off and took them for a nice ride up the waterfront to Hoboken and back for some tacos in the park. Perfect.

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  • Sunday- 5 easy miles. Clearly not 10 miles. More below.

So Chris and I decided not to do the Long Branch Half Marathon. Our hearts were never really in it. We were doing it because we had $200 in non-refundable race fees hanging over our heads. Looking at the logistics of the race weekend we decided it was going to be more hassle than it was worth to us right now. We’d still love to do this race someday, but for now, we’ll probably just do a nice long run next Sunday instead.



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