The weekend and what’s next

What a fun weekend. It started with an after work happy hour with some coworkers and former coworkers who crack me up and continued on in sunshiney glory.

Saturday we had our much anticipated and not at all sexy oil tank inspection at the house. We passed! Hurrah! One more obstacle cleared on the way to home ownership.


Lunch outside in Cranford 🙂

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After that, we celebrated this cute guy’s birthday at… Barcade! I wonder if he planned on wearing that shirt.

@chrisrap donkey kong and @barcade JC, a birthday tradition

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He even got a high score!

High score!!!!!! Birthday boy! @chrisrap @barcade JC

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Sunday was spent mostly recovering followed by a huge birthday dinner at Chris’ parents house.

We’ve got a lot coming up, so it was nice to spend some time just being silly. On the horizon we have:

  • Chris’ birthday!!
  • two non-traditional weddings on back to back weekends (wedding season has started!! yay!!)
  • double the Mother’s Day

I feel like maybe I’m forgetting something, but I’m sure it will come to me.



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