Friday Things

I’ve got a head full of thoughts today, so you get a block full of text. Lucky you 🙂

    • I keep having this irresistible urge to stop time. I know this is going to be one of the best years of my life, and I want to remember EVERYTHING. It’s hard though because right alongside these huge, monumental events are these mundane everyday events like remembering to pack lunch and going through my pre-bedtime routine of putting everything away and refilling the humidifier. On the one hand, I’ve always praised myself on cultivating and maintaining such a structured and efficient day to day schedule, but on the other hand, I wish I could take back some of that brain power and use it instead on remembering exactly what it felt like to celebrate my second anniversary with my best friend knowing I get to MARRY him this year! I’d rather forget my lunch than forget what it felt like to try on 12 dresses with the most important women in my life. 
    • We celebrated Chris’ birthday on Wednesday, and it was so much fun. I was giddy all day planning and scheming. I like other people’s birthdays so much more than my own.
    • My wedding dress is ready for pick up! I am absolutely itching to start doing wedding things. I’m holding myself back because it’s too early, and I want to save my energy for those fabled frenzied last two weeks, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t drafted a toast for the rehearsal dinner and mentally pinned items to include in the guest bags. Contrast this desire to speed up time with bullet #1’s urge and you’ll be privy to my internal conflict of late.
    • Pet ownership is a funny thing. In the same week I’ve found myself both googling “How much could I sell my rotten cat for?” and taking 100 instagram pictures of said rotten cat because he’s so damn cute.
    • Eyebrows are another funny thing. After years of overplucking, I’m trying to “grow mine out” for the wedding. I feel like I need to tell everyone I meet that this is what I’m doing, and I’m not just some unkempt sasquatch. Generally I refrain. This is not one of those times
    • I think if you have more people you love than time to spend with them you are both cursed and blessed. Though, mostly blessed. We are embarking on a busy season. It starts with our birthdays and ends with, I don’t know, Christmas? There are weddings and big moves and little moves and BBQs and day trips and weekend trips and beach trips and just general summer-ness. We find ourselves so busy most weekends that pretty much every Sunday night ends with, “Seriously, how is it 11:30 on Sunday night? Did you pick up any food for next week?” (Who am I kidding? I’m asleep at 10 on Sunday nights, but you get the idea). We are simultaneously thankful for all the people we get to spend time with and remorseful that we don’t get to spend more time with them. Like I said, it’s really more blessing than curse.

So, I guess time (and eyebrows and cats and cats with eyebrows)  is on my mind (yes it is). Happy Friday! Have an amazing weekend! Enjoy every (fleeting) second of it.


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