Mehndi, Nikkah, Mamas

Wow! What a weekend! There’s lots to say, so I’m just going to dive right in.
Friday night, Chris and I hurried home from work and, after a quick change (and only 3 NJDOT construction detours), headed down to Central Jersey to celebrate Umair and Steph’s Mehndi. Since they’d be celebrating their Nikkah the next day, they had a bunch of friends and family over for some henna, dancing and, of course, food.



We met up with Steve and Lindsey and got to celebrating. Steph, along with some of her friends and family (Lindsey too!) got some beautiful henna on their hands and feet from Umair’s very talented cousins. I was busy eating, as usual, so I didn’t get a chance to get henna’ed, but I’ve got quite enough ink already (according to my mom at least).

There were a few ceremonies that took place and a whole lot of dancing which I loved! Any chance to learn some new moves is seriously appreciated. We hung out for a while before heading back up to Jersey City for the night.

There were a few ceremonies that took place and a whole lot of dancing which I loved! Any chance to learn some new moves is seriously appreciated. We hung out for a while before heading back up to Jersey City for the night.

The next morning, I had grand plans of running to the finish line of the Newport 10k to meet up with some friends who were racing, but it was raining, and I was exhausted from the night before, so I figured I’d just drive over once the race ended. No sooner had I poured myself a bowl of cereal (note: this is how exhausted I was this weekend… I hate cereal for breakfast, but I ate it both days!) than I heard sirens and realized that the race actually runs right by our building!

I abandoned breakfast (and Chris, sorry!) and quickly threw on some pants before running downstairs to cheer. I was actually able to spot all my friends, which was just awesome!!

Go @debruns go!! #newport10k

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Chris and I did eventually get a 3 mile run in, but we didn’t get a snazzy police escort. Oh well.

After a run (and a shower and a nap) we got dolled up to head back down to Central Jersey for the Nikkah. The ceremony was lovely. The moments between Umair and his mom were really touching, and Steph looked so absolutely beautiful! Her gown and veil were so ornate and spectacular.


We had a chance to give the happy couple our blessings and get a few pictures before they were escorted away to greet the rest of the well-wishers. We spent the rest of the night eating and dancing, and I even got to bust out some Gangnam Style. Sweet.

Steph & Umair's wedding!

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@brucethebigredvizsla @sillypaws

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Sunday morning we were up with the sun for an early breakfast with my mom and Molly. We met them in North Jersey for eggs and pancakes then walked around debating if the weather was nice or not nice. It seemed like nature just couldn’t make up her mind.

@mollymoo__ #selfiesunday

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After parting ways with them, we hit the road to travel back to… you guessed it, Central Jersey! We both wished we had clocked our mileage for this weekend, as it might be a record for the year, but I’m gonna guess it was 12,000 miles. That sounds about right, no? Can you tell how good I am at estimates? Needless to say, we (and our car) are excited to move to the literal center of our little universe.

We stopped at Lowe’s to pick up paint chips to sample at the new house (!!) and price push mowers. It was super glamorous and sexy.

@chrisrap is a kid in a candy store

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Actually, it was pretty fun, and I’m not sure why that place has a reputation for boring women to death. Everyone I know loves it! From there, we headed to David’s Bridal to pick up my wedding gown (because how often do you get to use the word “gown”?)! It was so much more exciting than I thought it would be. Just seeing it gave me butterflies, and I am at least 104% more excited for the wedding than I was prior to this.

I’m still so much further along in planning than I need to be (remind me of this smugness when we are two weeks out and I’m in tears. actually, don’t) so it made me laugh when we scheduled my alternations appointments for NEXT YEAR. That’s right. My beautiful gown will not even see the light of day for a year. I tried selling Chris on the idea of Wedding Wednesdays where I wear my dress every Wednesday from now until next July, but he didn’t think it was a good idea. Lame.

Thankfully, my wonderful mother-in-law-to-be (hyphen city!) is storing the dress for me, so we had a lot of fun ogling it before packing it away. It’s currently living in Chris’ childhood closet. That makes my heart happy.

As a thank you for storing my dress (oh and creating two wonderful children) we took mama out for dinner to celebrate. We actually took a few cute pictures, but none of them were on my camera, so you’ll just have to imagine our smiling (cold, because the weather was in fact, “not nice”) faces.

After a very minor car accident (we got rear-ended but were fine and the car has minor damage), we headed back up to Jersey City and promptly fell asleep at 9. No joke.

I hope your weekend was the right kind of exhausting too!



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