House Hunting: The Almost Home Owners

Just popping in quickly to update the status of the house buying experience. I didn’t mean to leave it hanging here, but there hasn’t been too much to report. Last I checked in, we had just finished the home inspection. Obviously, we were thrilled to have passed the inspection, and that was really it for us for a while. Most of the work that’s been going on these days is happening behind the scenes.

Our bank is still reviewing all the documents we submitted to secure the mortgage, and they’ve assured me that we’re right on track, which means… very little. Still, it’s reassuring, and we’re hopeful that we close on our anticipated date. Our lawyer (gosh I just love saying that we have a lawyer. Feels so #richkidsofinstagram) is securing the title binder (which will turn into the title for our home when the sale is completed). And our insurance company is liaising with the bank to put our policy together. Other than a few emails to clarify certain questions, we haven’t had much to do on the home buying front.

We have been working though! We heard from a lot of people that the one thing they wished they’d done before moving in was refinish the floors, so we got a couple estimates and put a deposit down to have the living room, dining room and hallway floors sanded and stained. The process takes 3-4 days during which time the floors are off limits, so we figured, what better way to use the grace period between when we own the house and when we no longer have a claim on our apartment.

We found movers! I used Yelp to find a father-son company in Jersey City with good reviews, and they gave us an estimate I liked, so we scheduled them. We also picked up some paint chips and are currently planning on painting three rooms. We’re waiting to see what they look like in the house before we make a final decision. We also took care of some minor things like scheduling a TV/Internet/Phone installation date.

We both have a million items on our to-do lists of little projects we’d like to undertake in the new home, but right now, our real life task list looks like this:

  • Follow up with our apartment management group to see if they’ve found new renters to assume our lease.
  • Keep in touch with the bank to keep our loan on track
  • Pick up boxes, tape and bubble wrap
  • PACK!
  • Get a certified check from the bank for the total amount due at closing
  • Perform a walk-through of the house (final inspection)
  • Close on that bad boy!
  • Meet and pay the floor guys
  • Paint
  • Meet and pay the movers
  • Relax?

So, yeah there’s still a long way to go, but we’re getting closer every day.

I’m by no means an expert, but I have been learning a lot as we go along, so I hope to wrap this whole series up with a few tips that have helped me get through this (relatively) painlessly. We’re almost there!


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