is the day we close on our first home 🙂

Just wanted to pop in and mention that as a partial explanation of why I’ve had nothing to say in a long time. Actually, I’ve had quite a lot to say, but I’m a bundle of (excited) nerves, and all my spare time has been devoted to packing, packing, packing.

The boxes have left our apartment in a state of total disarray and the cats are in full on panic mode. We’re descending into madness, which I wish could explain this next part. Unfortunately, the rewriting of songs isn’t anything new for us. This is what I walk around the house singing. Sometimes, it breaks up the tension, usually it just garners some cat eye rolls.

(to the tune of  D. Bowie’s Suffragette City)

“Don’t jump on those boxes ’cause they can’t support you fat cats, down in cardboard box city”


That’s all. Happy “feels like a Monday but it’s not” day!


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