House Hunting: The Prep Work

Wow! I’ve been gone a long time, but seriously, I have not had a minute to collect my thoughts for weeks. Everything has been go, go, go and is only now beginning to slow down… a teeny bit. After we closed on our house and officially became homeowners (!!) things started moving really quickly. Chris took a few days off of work and started painting and prepping for our move-in on Thursday. Friday night, we got to check out Debbie and Mike’s new place (love it!) and headed to bed relatively early for a long weekend ahead of us.

Saturday morning, we headed to the house, and my mom and Molly met us to help out. After a quick lunch, we worked pretty much all day. Chris and Molly prepped and painted the living room, I scoured and scrubbed the downstairs bathroom for hours (it was that bad),and my mom cleaned the kitchen all day long. I would literally eat off that floor now. There was a trip to Target thrown in there too, and way too many dollars later, we had most of what we needed to get our new house up and running. My mom and Molly called it a day after about 8 hours, and Chris and I hung back and put a second coat of paint on our living room.

Prior to this weekend, I had never painted (outside of art class) in my life. I thought it would be so much fun. I was wrong. It’s exhausting, and I didn’t really get the hang of it until we were almost done. My one tip: tape really well. The closer you get the tape to the borders of the room, the less edging and touch up work you have to do. I am now a master taper.

Sunday, we drove back down to the house and Chris’ whole family met us there bearing food and a power-washer! Chris and his dad did some complicated electrical work and transformed two dated sconces into two useful outlets for the TV and electronics. Chris’ brother installed 6 (!!) huge window ACs that had our house feeling like a tundra (can’t wait to see that electric bill ;)) and powerwashed our front and back steps and sidewalk for like 4 hours! Chris’ mom cleaned basically everything my mom didn’t have time for (thank goodness for moms) including the upstairs bathroom and our gross basement. God bless her. Chris’ aunt and uncle brought over a table and chairs, an AC and two end tables! It was such a nice surprise!


How cute is this dining set? I feel like it has so much potential! Disregard my errant shoe, but please note those beautiful new floors!

In the meantime, I painted our bedroom (just a quick top coat since we ended up serendipitously picking out the exact same paint they already had in there) and the most garish room of all. It was cute for a kids’ room, but once the cribs were out of there, it just looked like the circus had passed through town. It took me hours to tape, paint, and paint again, and I saw no sun and breathed no fresh air (not wise) all day, but I did it!



Cute, but LOUD

and after:



Notice the transition from day to night?

Both nights, we didn’t eat dinner until we got back to Jersey City around 10:30. That was insane and so bad for my stomach, but all the prep work for painting made us want to just finish rather than stop halfway through and have to set it all up again the next day. I’m glad we did it, but I’m surprised we came out relatively unscathed (I have bruises all over my arms and legs, but other than some soreness, I’m fine).

Overall we:

– cleaned (like super, deep cleaned) 6 rooms and a basement

– painted 4 rooms

– did some electrical work

– went food/home supply shopping

– powerwashed the house

– put in 6 air conditioners

– had the locks changed

– had the floors completely refinished

all in a weekend! phew! Little did I know, Moving Monday would be way, way more hectic…



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