Weekend Things

This weekend was a winner. It was just the perfect mix of productivity and relaxation. After being very non-stop lately, it was nice to take it a little easier.

Friday, we headed to Jersey City after work to clean out our apartment and turn in our keys. Unfortunately, it was pouring outside and we wound up soaking wet. Luckily, the clean-up didn’t take too long, and we decided to wait out the storm plus rush hour traffic at Debbie and Mike’s new apartment. Their place is looking great! They repainted all the walls a really fresh, bright white, and the whole place just looks so modern and chic. It was definitely inspiring. After some takeout with them, we made the drive back down to the burbs. It was still pouring, and the roads were crummy, so I was white-knuckling the steering wheel the entire time. Even with the terrible conditions, we made it home in about an hour. Not bad!

Saturday was looking a lot better thank goodness. I woke up a little earlier than I would have liked because I had to see a guy about a horse microwave cart. It was an Ikea cart that usually costs $100, but he was selling it for $30, and we have very limited counter space in our kitchen, so I figured it would be a good buy. We made plans to meet up in Bloomfield which is just one town over from where my mom lives, so I recruited her to come with me in case things got a little murdery.

The area was super shady, but the man was very nice and not at all murdery. Still, better safe than sorry. Plus, I got to get breakfast and spend the morning with my mom and sister! Win-win!

After breakfast, I headed back down to Cranford where Chris and his dad were hard at work on their project to convert two wall sconces into outlets. They did the electrical work last week, but this week they had to fill in the holes with spackle and re-paint. Chris also took his dad to Home Depot and they picked out and assembled a lawn mower! I guess that means we’re really homeowners now.


While they were working, I went to meet another Craigslist dude about a microwave. $24 for a brand new looking microwave that usually retails for $109? Sure! The guy lived in a retirement community down the road, so I figured I was ok meeting alone. He was nice, and the microwave looked great, but upon further inspection, did not work. It made sounds and lit up and spun, but it would not heat food. I was so disappointed. I really don’t think the guy had any idea, and it’s possible it broke in transit, so I’m not going to go crazy over $24, but I was so happy that I didn’t have to buy a new microwave that this really bummed me out.


I finally stocked our giant new fridge, which was very satisfying and painted some ugly, rusty metal fixtures in our bathroom. They’re built into the tile, so while I’d like to remove them permanently someday, this will have to serve as an interim measure. I used 3 coats of Rustoleum white paint and waited about an hour between coats. I think it looks pretty good for a project that took about 15 minutes of actual work.

We both cleaned a lot then collapsed on the couch before hosting our first few visitors! We’re getting really good at giving the house tour, and it’s still exciting every single time. After tours and dinner, Judy and her sister Jill picked us up and took us for FroYo plus a tour of our new town! They’re locals, so it was great to get some insider tips!

We’d previously decided that Sunday would be a Funday, so I slept in crazy late (for me, 9am is crazy) then we drove to town to get some bagel sandwiches and coffee. Awesome morning. After digesting a bit, we took our bikes out of the garage (I cannot even express how wonderful it is not to have to stuff two bikes into an elevator then painstakingly clean them off after each ride since they have to be stored next to your dining room table in an apartment. It’s amazing) and started exploring. We’re super close to an awesome park system with tons of trails, and the weather could not have been more perfect.


We rode all over the place! 17 miles total, and while I used to think I hated biking, I think it was just the area. Between the traffic, narrow streets and clueless pedestrians, biking in Jersey City requires constant vigilance and quick responses. It always left me feeling more stressed and exhausted than before, which is not what recreational activities should do. Things were much calmer in Cranford, so I was able to just relax and enjoy the scenery, and if I were in better bike shape, I would have kept riding all day!


Even though we planned on taking the day off of housework, we couldn’t help ourselves, so we made a few trips to some home stores and came back with new door mats, an outdoor broom, a (working) microwave and new phones! It feels very odd to have a house phone, but it came with our cable service, so we figured, why not?

We rounded out our weekend with a little weeding and outside cleanup before sitting down to dinner.

We both felt like Sunday was our first normal day in the house, and that’s really helped make it feel more like home.


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