Day in the Life: Jersey City

I had a lot of fun in college. Consequently, it’s hard to really remember much of that time. Kidding. Seriously though, I have a bizarrely strong memory for facts, figures, names and faces, but I have a really hard time remembering experiences. I’ve actually Googled ways to make better memories, but to no avail. I think that’s one of the reasons I enjoy blogging so much. Being able to capture moments immediately (I know I generally post about my weekends by Wednesday, but you get the idea) makes for really fun reading down the line.

Anyway, back to college. I know I was insanely busy in college. I always worked 2 part time jobs, held down a part time internship, participated in never-ending sorority events, oh and went to school. I often look back at that time and wonder how I did it. Chalk it up to being young and reckless I guess. I have a hard time remembering what a typical day was like. When did I sleep? What did I eat? Did I shower? Just kidding. I showered often. College is dirty.

In an effort to save my heady (Jersey) City days for posterity (me, really). I’m going to do a totally cliche “Day in the Life” post. I thought about doing one for Cranford, but realized that putting your exact schedule online is sort of like doing a stalker’s job for them, and who am I to limit my stalker’s potential? So, maybe someday you’ll get a comparison, but for now, you’ll have to settle for a post-hoc day in the life I wrote a few weeks ago:

5:50 am: my alarm goes off, and I grab my pre-laid out running clothes and sneak out so as not to wake Chris, whose alarm is set for our normal 6:30 wakeup.

wash, face, brush teeth, get changed, pet cats, locate garmin satellites, grab keys and phone, head out the door.

6: run 3 miles with no real pace in mind.

6:30: come back hot and sweaty, say good morning to chris, chug a glass of water, start coffee.

6:40: jump in shower, listen to NPR for my daily dose of news.

7: get out, get changed, put away last night’s dishes, make breakfast (1 fried egg, two pieces toast with avocado and salt) and lunch (leftovers).

I really like to take my time in the morning, so I wake up and get moving extra early, so I have plenty of time to lounge around.

7:15: eat breakfast with Chris and the cats while browsing blogs or Reddit

7:30: start blow drying/straightening hair (i think my new hair dryer is a dud because what should take 7 minutes takes 17), put on makeup.

7:50: lounge around while waiting for stomach to settle (mornings are the roughest).

8:05: grab lunch, say goodbye to cats, leave.

8:15: arrive at train, hop on!

8:20: arrive in city, fight my way through the ridiculous crowds of people while getting elbowed, pushed, cursed at and generally jostled. find myself totally wowed by the guy who lets me hop on the escalator before him. see, there are some nice people left. exhaust myself with my own melodramatics.

8:35: get to building, hop in elevator, take a solid 6 seconds to remember which floor my office is on vs which floor my apartment is on. i always wanted to press 17 since that was our apartment floor. not correct.

8:37: get to desk, boot up computer, wash public transportation germs off hands, fill water bottle, get to work!

10: snack on baked oatmeal from home.

12 pm: take lunch outside to eat in park. share a bench with 8 other people. have picture taken by random tourists with no sense of personal space.

12:45: back to work.

4:45: contemplate leaving on time but decide to stay and get ahead on a project.

5:30: head out the door, fight my way to the train, fight my way onto the train, fight for a spot to hang on to the railing for dear life, fight my way off the train.

5:45: arrive in Jersey City and take a deep breath. my commute is hands down the worst part of my day, which is an undoubtedly good thing.

5:52: get home, greet cat monsters, immediately change into pjs because staying in work clothes for 10 seconds longer than absolutely necessary is for the birds.

6:10: snack on two cookies and milk, watch an episode of HIMYM on Netflix while straightening up, vacuuming, doing dishes from lunch.

6:30: Chris gets home! Yay Chris!! Chat with him, recount our days, generally veg out.

6:45: start cooking dinner.

7:30: sit down to dinner, eat probably too quickly while watching The Office on Netflix.

8: clean up dinner, clean up kitchen and bathroom, fold some laundry.

8:30: relax with Chris and wine and a candle and either some West Wing or a book if I’m feeling cognizant enough to be literate.

10pm: (yes, really) brush teeth, FLOSS (so important), wash face, head to bed, attempt to read for 25 seconds before immediately falling asleep.

So, that was a typical day in Jersey City. I’m lame, and I watch way too much TV. To be fair, it was a cold spring. On warmer days I think about getting outside more. My commute was terrible, but blessedly short. My favorite parts of my weekly JC schedule were being able to spend so much time with Chris and the early morning runs especially in the summer when the sun was already up. Being able to run outside in the sunshine and then be done with my workout before work was amazing.

The hardest part of my new schedule is the longer commute. My day is shorter by two hours, which isn’t terrible, but adds up. Luckily, I ride in with Chris, so we still get to spend an hour of that missing time together. Also, I’m getting more reading done on the train, so my literacy is no longer in danger. The hardest adjustment is the running. I don’t care for afternoon running, but it’s very dark and quiet here in the mornings  at my new earlier wake up time. That’s great for sleeping in, but also great for getting hit by a car, bitten by a dog or abducted.

On the upside, coming home to a town that truly feels a world away from the city is amazing. It almost feels like a literal weight is lifted off my shoulders every time I step off the train and on to the clean, quiet streets. Jersey City was the best place I’ve ever lived, and I still love it so much, but it never felt that different from the city. I always felt like I was “on” and never had time to recharge. In comparison, Cranford is idyllic, and I can feel the stress melting away when I get there. It’s been wonderful.

I know it’s only a matter of time before I adjust to this new schedule and I know the novelty of a new town will wear off, but I think I’m going to like it here.


One thought on “Day in the Life: Jersey City

  1. Hi Kate. Enjoyed your blog. Is there an address I send an e-mail to. I’m hoping to toss a few e-mails back-and-forth regarding your writing/site.


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