The 2013 Summer List

I’m knee deep in house projects, and I hope to share some soon, but for now, let’s talk about things more exciting than lawnmowers and spray paint: the summer list!

I did this list last year, and it was a great way to brainstorm fun summer activities and also keep track of everything I did (and didn’t do) in the best quarter (well, in NJ it’s really more like 6th) of the year. I’m especially excited to compare this year’s to last because our change of scene means some things are probably going to be different. Others will be very much the same.

Hit the Jersey Shore! This should always be first on every Jersey resident’s list.


Host our first guests at our new home. Also, maybe figure out how to host houseguests.


Donny and Amy, would you guys rather sleep on a pile of cardboard boxes or use each of the cats as a pillow? Both??

Throw an awesome housewarming party to welcome all our friends to our new digs!

Eat ice cream. With sprinkles. Often.


See one big summer blockbuster in theaters. I’m such a cheap-o that it’s really rare for me to pay to go to the movies, but I do really love it, so I’ll break the bank for it once. Maybe on a matinee.

Eat dinner outside at home and restaurants.

Sleep in, then walk to town for bagels.


Enjoy the heck out of our August engagement party

Finally, take advantage of our open invitation to Chris’ parents’ pool. Seriously, how have I not done this yet?

Do some yoga. Preferably outside.


Finish a 10 mile long run.

Walk, run or bike NYC. Maybe all three?


Set up and put our new grill to work!

Check out some fireworks. This time maybe Chris and I will even be on the same continent!

Find a local farmer’s market and take advantage of the best produce of the year. I’m looking at you, Jersey corn.


Figure out how to drive to at least 3 places in my new hometown without the GPS.

Maybe actually finally go to that Mets game.

Road trip to Wisconsin and back again!


Tackle one big DIY project. Paint our Ikea dressers? Our dining table??

Canoe/Kayak down the mighty Rahway River! 

Certainly seems like enough to keep us busy for the summer, but you gotta capture it while it’s here because everything is better in the summertime.


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