That’s us. What can I say? We really love our house, and it’s hard to get us to leave.

You know what I’d like, more hours in a day. I won’t be greedy and say something crazy like 500, but really, would 40 hours a day really be too much? We have been having so much fun doing house projects, and I’m dying to write about it, but they’re so exhausting I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m going to try and sum them up along with a typical weekend these days now.

Chris and I are both “want it done yesterday” types of people, which is generally a good thing (I mean we were 90% unpacked our first day here) but can also lead to a double laser focus that causes us to miss out on things like family, friends and fun. So, we’ve been making a point of scheduling some of those things into each weekend to balance all of our to-do-listness. Usually, we pick one date type activity, one fun activity and devote the rest of our time to housework.

Sidenote: my laundry for the past three weeks has consisted of only work clothes, running clothes (which double as housework clothes) and sleep clothes. I can’t remember the last time I straightened my hair. We keep meeting new neighbors and saying, “We don’t normally look this appalling!” but I think we’re making liars of ourselves.  

We did the bulk of the “must-do” work (cleaning, painting, etc) before we moved in. So, now we’ve had time to devote to fun projects.   As told by my iPhone:


We’ve been doing A LOT of mowing. Our lawn grows like weeds, which makes sense because it’s mostly weeds.

Another big project, which Chris planned and executed all by himself was a little landscaping. The previous owners had matching rosebushes on either side of the front steps, but they weren’t in great shape. We’re not much in the way of gardeners, so we ventured to our new favorite place, The Home Depot, for a little advice and the nicest woman ever pointed us towards some baby evergreens (dwarf spruces) as easy, green landscaping fixes. Chris went to town on those old, dead bushes which proved to be really backbreaking work, but the end result was so much nicer and cleaner.



While he toiled, I pulled about 1000 weeds. I didn’t take any pictures though because no one cares about a sea of weeds being replaced by a whole lot of dirt. I did plant a rather photo-worth herb garden. Basil, cilantro, rosemary and parsley. Every morning I water them and say a little prayer that they don’t die. That’s the extent of my gardening prowess.


My “flagship project” involved our dining room chairs.

Gifted to us by Chris’ family, they were wooden chairs with green legs and backs. They were in great shape, but our dining room is dark blue, and the green didn’t really jive. So I decided they should probably be white.


Much nicer, no?

This actually ended up being a more time consuming project than I expected, and I’m still not done. There’s one, lone green chair languishing in the basement as I type. I thought I’d just spray paint and be done. Luckily, I turned to the internet for advice and found that there are a few additional steps that result in a cleaner finish. To start, I sanded the green parts of each chair down until they were no longer shiny. This provided a better base for the spray paint.



I actually really dug the green, but painting the chairs seemed more realistic than painting the dining room.

After the sanding, I wiped the chairs down with soapy water and let them fully dry in the sun. As with all painting, the hardest and most time consuming part was taping down the areas I didn’t want painted. Because I really liked the natural wood, I tried to cover that completely, and with all the spindles on the back, this took a long time.

Next, I applied two coats (waiting about 15 minutes in between each) of Rustoleum Semi-Gloss spray paint. My first effort dried with a weird grainy texture which I had to sand down and apply an additional coat to remedy, but I learned that this was due to not shaking the cans enough. I shook the remaining cans for a solid 2 minutes and the rest of the chairs came out great. I probably used one whole can per chair.

A more technical project tackled by Chris and his dad involved transforming these sconces


into these outlets


I have no idea how they did it, but I’ve been encouraging Chris to write a post detailing it. Now that we have our TV up there (the previous owners had theirs on another wall) the outlets are much more functional than the dated sconces.

So, those are our house projects to date. We’re really proud and eager to do more!


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