Work it out: 7/1/13

Hi there and Happy 4th of July! Is it ok to write that on July 8th? I don’t know. Mid week holidays throw me off.

I’m not officially training for anything, but I am following a little training plan because I’m about 60% more likely to get out there, when someone else has decided that I should. So, here was week one of not really training for anything:

sidenote: with quality posts like this, it’s so weird that I haven’t gotten the financial backing to do this full time. strange.

Monday- ran 3 miles outside after work. It was muggy but not as hot as it’s been which was a welcome relief. I was pretty tired, but forced myself to get out there and work on my negative splits, which have been very difficult for me because I always go out too fast. My goal was 9:30, 9:15 and 9, but I ended up with 9:36, 9:06, and 8:56. Still negative splits but I gotta work on reading my pace better. 27:32, avg pace: 9:10.

Tuesday- ran 2 miles outside with Chris. I took a nap between when I came home and when I ran, which was a terrible idea. My head was pounding with each step I took, but it started lightly raining, which cooled things off nicely and had me feeling much better. 21:xx, avg pace: 9:55.
Wednesday- rest day (unless marathon trips to wholesale clubs to find BBQ food/furniture count. do they?)
Thursday- Cranford Firecracker 4 Miler! Also known as the only reason in the world I’d wake up to an alarm on a mid-week holiday. Debbie and Mike met us for this festive, small-town race, and although we missed the start (only by about 90 seconds) we still had a great race. As per Debbie’s watch: 40:18, avg pace 10:05.

This is so the cutest race ever too. Of course I have no pictures, but it’s probably a good thing that I forgot my phone because the humidity was 150% and all the neighbors came out to blast us with hoses and Bruce Springsteen (the former not being so good for electronics, the latter being so, so good for life).



Friday- unplanned rest due to a broken (?) freezer. We’re not sure what’s going on with it, but I think we got our first official welcome to home-ownership. Needless to say, when you come home to a flooded kitchen and mass quantities of rapidly defrosting meat, you do not head to the basement to do squats and lunges.

Saturday- 3 hot, hot miles outside. I told myself if I left by 9, I’d be fine (it even rhymes!), but I was not fine. I mean, it was ok because it was only 3 miles, but I really need to bite the bullet and get out the door by 7 latest these days. Oh summer. I decided to focus on negative splitting again but realized right away that I’d have to scale down due to the pace, so I aimed for 9:45, 9:30 and 9:15 and came pretty close. 28:xx avg pace 9:27.


Sunday- rest. and a trip to Ikea. and Walmart. We starting put together some more rooms in our house, and it’s so ridiculously exciting. Pictures to follow soon!


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