Be our guest

This weekend our new little home played host to its first house guests! Having guests meant we need to get our upstairs in order asap!


A couple of weeks ago Chris and I did the impossible. We headed to Ikea for three things and… LEFT WITH THREE THINGS (and a dark chocolate bar because… duh)!! It was incredible. Everyone was away for the 4th of July, but since we’re obviously too poor to go anywhere for a while, we found ourselves at Ikea! The place was empty, and we were too tired to look around much, so we picked a bed frame, got our materials, and got out of there!


Chris worked like a dog installing air conditioners and assembling the bed in order to transform the above into this…



It’s like a proper guest room!

This was a big deal for us coming from one bedroom apartments. It felt so cool have a designated place to house our visitors.

Donny and Amy came in on Friday and were the perfect first house guests. I hope they liked the room as much as we liked having them!!


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